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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I wonder what the (dis)advantages of each are.
  2. Do you know how the contraption that is grinding the mud for the bricks works, do you?
  3. Oops, thanks for letting me know. I did a brief search, but nothing came up.
  4. Here's a documentary from 1965 of an old Axe shop. I'm amazed at the economy of their actions. There isn't a single misstep, nor is there any wasted motion.
  5. Thanks for the kindness, but Stephenville is about the same distance as my parents house. Hope things go well for you at Tarelton!
  6. Hello all, I've recently moved into an apartment in Dallas from east Texas. As some of you may know, apartment complexes generally don't view blacksmithing on the property favourably. Some swill about fire hazards, noise pollution, smoke, etc. Since it is difficult to make it back home to my parents house to light the forge, I was wondering if anyone had a smithy in Dallas they wouldn't mind sharing with a po boy like me. I like long walks on the beach, and all that. I'd provide my own materials and pay for fuel, I might even be your friend (ok, I'll throw in the friendship with the deal). :) -Chance
  7. Here's another one you might like. I haven't seen the one done in aluminium, thanks!
  8. BobbyC, if I may ask, how did you attach the box part on the long blade?
  9. Yves, thank you for your well informed and researched post. This is why I enjoy blacksmithing so much! BobbyC, I've been wondering what "trade items" were for blacksmithing groups. You did a good job, and brought an item that was more historically correct than the others. Is it weird that this has me so excited? Haha.
  10. It is, indeed, already in my library, and I have perused it's pages often. Thank you for the recommendation!
  11. Wow, I've never even heard of those. My current dream/goal is to forge an excellent pair of scissors or shears, and looking at these only makes me even more desirous of the project. You've done a good job, both making the snuffer as well as explaining it. Do they have to fit together precisely, to cut the end of the wick off?
  12. The crack that I originally posted about was shallow enough to come out when smoothing. I did, however, find a new crack that looks like it is a boundary in face sections. Its interesting, and I don't think it hurts it much, haha. Do you have any pictures of it?
  13. Well, I went ahead and cleaned up part of the face, and it is much easier to turn out clean work. However it has made it painfully obvious how soft the face is. Maybe it was indeed in a fire. I was greatly surprised at how little rebound it had when I got it home, around 30-40%. It's an anvil though, which is more than many people can say about what they use.
  14. Hey, cool videos. That forge is remarkably similar to the setup of a Japanese bladesmith's forge, save the type of bellows used. Thanks again for more suggestions. My favourite is the grill method! The dutch oven lid sounds pretty good too. Today I decided to use up the ashed practicing going from square to octagonal, as mine always twist.
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