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  1. I received an old anvil from my grandfather,and it has a few rough edges on it. Any suggestions on how to fix these edges? There is a machine shop in another town down the road i thought about taking it to. But i thought i'd ask people who use them all the time on what to do.

  2. Sorry, haven't used the forum for quite awhile, it is hunting season in Wyoming so for the months of Oct, Nov and Dec. a man has to get his priorities strait. So after the first of the year i'll be ready to get going again out in the shop. So till then DUCK.


  3. I'm looking for any info or calculations, books, charts for making collars for any projects in the near future. I've been making some but seems they are either to long to short it just takes me awhile to get the right size. Tired of wasting metal. Right now i need a few collars for two pieces of 1/2" square stock.

  4. I have a double burner gas forge, that after it has been going for awhile one side seem to cut back and not put out the same as the other. There is also a notice able difference in the sound. Does anyone have any ideas what may be the problem. When it starts this i can turn it done for a second then back up and it will run ok for awhile then starts cutting back again?????

  5. I have two gas forges one single burner and one double burner. the double burner works great for awhile then you can hear a difference and see that one side just ain't quite putting out the same as the otherside. i can turn the gas volume down for a second then back up and it sounds and works ok for awhile , then the one side sounds like it cuts back again. Is it just me or is there an adjustment that needs to be made?


  6. To Daryl and Glenn;
    Thanks for the advise, watching the pot and waiting for it to boil just didn't work so i got off my butt and started bending what i thought i wanted. And hey, for some unknown reason my jigs worked. The mind is a wonderful thing when it works!!!!!!

  7. Hi, i'm a new user of I Forge and really glad i found it on the internet. Have been blacksmithing for about two years now and really enjoy it, always in the learning stage on how to do things. I'm 55 years old and began with a blacksmithing coarse at a small college here in Powell, WY, have a homemade single burner forge, an anvil that was my wifes grandfather's, made some of my own tongs and bought some on ebay, aquiring things piece by piece. Have made alot of my own jigs for projects, but need to know more as usual as a beginner. And it looks as if i 've found the right place to search and ask questions. Sorry about my typing, this is a hunt and peck situation, my fingers do the walking but don't always listen to what the mind tells them.

    Thanks prof