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    Dan shepard lamps (15)

    Is there a pattern for this bending tool? Thanks
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    Napkin holders

    Napkin holders for those high velocity winds in Wyoming and Montana.
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    Hat rack

  4. prof

    Pot rack

    It weighs between 25 to 30lbs. The sides are 3"x1/8" strap and the centers is 3/4" by 1/8". Thank you for the compliment. Prof
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    Pot rack

    Hanging pot rack
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    Looks great
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    Shelf Brackets

    Thank you.
  8. prof

    Shelf Brackets

    I understand what youre saying. The couple I made the brackets for put them up with the screws. I will have to mention it to them. Thanks
  9. Top turner, handle is 1/2" square, same for cork screw. Bottom turner is 1/2" angle with ball bearings in between.
  10. prof

    Shelf Brackets

    Shelf brackets
  11. same as before son inlaw made the table i did the cattail base.
  12. My son inlaw made the beaver chewed table I did the cattail base and feet for it. Made a coffee table to match.