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  1. Oak kindling makes for a good smokey flavor. George forging hot dogs.mp4
  2. JLP, Sometimes things can be angled or canted to reduce or eliminate reflections. Not sure if this will help but should be relatively simple to adjust your connection point on the screen to achieve or maybe not. George
  3. Glenn, I seem to be confused, (normal) about NA and NARB. In the Abbreviations above shows "N" to represent "Normally". I have seen this usually used as "naturally" aspirated. Are these terms interchangeable? George
  4. ggraham

    A Quick One

    nice JPH, how do you like Florida? (I think you moved there recently???)
  5. My roosting friends have moved on for now, maybe not in immediate danger, yet.
  6. I know I move slower these days, I guess I need to pick up the pace. A dead hickory tree next to my shop this morning. I know I move slower these days, I guess I need to pick up the pace. A dead hickory tree next to my shop this morning.
  7. Marc1/Dale Russel, Do ya'll have access to anthracite type coal? George
  8. I have 4 of Mr. Epps' DVDs, Forging Animal Heads, Bugs and Birds, Leaves and Flowers and Making Tongs. All were very helpful in getting me going. I recommend these to all. Thanks Bill, looking forward to your books. George
  9. PVF AL, small projects become large projects. Very nice George
  10. Try IFI's recipes;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Vulcan's Grill Follow 3 The IForgeIron food section. <br />A blacksmith has to eat, so why not eat good food.
  11. sounds like you just "squish" the section to be welded by use of tongs? is this correct? kind of like welding with a press? George
  12. here is a video of rivetless tongs
  13. thanks for the reply. as noted by others, looks good, finish looks simple and appropriate for the piece. George
  14. your anvil looks surprised at the mud bug setting on it's face George
  15. So that is another one of my many 'illness's, mine is getting progressively worse.
  16. Looks like handle is fairly fitted to hammer eye. You might be seeing the effects of the natural oils of the handle wood drying out, this causes shrinkage, i.e. loose hammer heads. I usually tap the end of the non hammer head end of the handle, this uses the resistance of the hammer head inertia to help drive the handle tight in to the hammer head. once this is accomplished, I soak the hammer head and about 2 to 3 inches of the handle in a bucket/coffee can of linseed oil overnight in a warm environment. the wood soaks this linseed oil up and swells the handle back into the head, ma
  17. hopefully we are glutton free, also trying for a straight face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. From a 3/4 inch anchor bolt about 18 inches long. One of my first attempts at long twists. Also an early exercise in drawing out. I originally had just a 90* on the rake end but changed that about two years ago, when I added the curved portion and the offset taper. then rake was too long to hand from forge table without dragging, I then changed the "eye" end to a "hook" end, it's current status until the next 'better idea'. this is a good thing, you can modify your stuff when the need arises, especially tongs. George
  19. I have tried both, now I know why I like the offset better besides being able to move more material and get into corners better with the forged point on the end, point is a single sided taper. Sorry, no pictures handy. George
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