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  1. i think that was the one i had for sale some guy bought it he said it was art. i dont get modern art
  2. do u need the forge portable to move in and out of the garage or do u have a permant spot for it? next how big do u want do u want your forge?
  3. ya i know im missing the feed arm im doing to make it. theres only i bradded pin that i can see. bob s i was going to keep the orignal patina but theres so much crud and gunk on it so i desided to do a full restore and paint it to match my champion blower. thanks for the help
  4. ok i have a champion post drill and im trying to take it apart to sand blast it i got the crank arm and gear off but i cant get the fly wheel of is this a cap (#2)?i took the set screw off the fly wheel and soaked it in pb blaster wont buge.also i cant get the top gear to lower the drill off (#3) if anyone has pics on how to take it a part it would be verry helpful. im stuck and dont know what to do.
  5. new champion forge and blower and a champion post drill
  6. i used a air mattress blower and it gets just below welding temp.
  7. ya im watching the Episode and it said the damascus was shatter proof and "saw blades made from damascus are used for slicing rocks and metals" and they said o1 is a softer alloy used in making knives
  8. ironbudd


    bigger hook
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