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  1. Alright. Thanks for the replies, ya'll! :)
  2. Anyways on a more serious note. My problem with that is taht I'd need to get a solar power generator for the battery. I know they are only like $60, but I'm stingy. I can't use my car battery for it, I have to get over a fence, and it would be an absolute pain to haul a car battery with me everytime. Do you guys think a series of computer fans or maybe even just a portable fan would be enough for this?
  3. Hopefully not, we have 3 salvage yards in town that are pretty big. I'm sure one of them will cut me a deal for one. But doesn't that only blow heated air? :EDIT: Haha. Sorry, that was a lame joke. I'm just glad it wasn't taken seriously LOL.
  4. Very Nice! I'll definitely look into that asap. I didn't know they were so inexpensive.
  5. It is hard to see from the pictures but I actually have a layer of benotonite / taconite ontop of the cinderblocks. In that is a layer of mashed up used firebricks. there is only about 2" or so of cushion but I believe it should be enough for a while. Does Corn get hotter than charcoal? I haven't read your links yet, so if it is answered there, you don't have to answer. :EDIT: And thanks, I'll have to look into the blower. Are there ones that are battery powered though? I am in a pretty remote area, as you can probably tell from the long grass where I'm stationed :D
  6. these are the pictures of my forge. My anvil will probably get posted tonight if I can get to it in the "Ugliest anvil" Thread. =D. I remove the blocks to allow the wind in and then I trap the flame with other blocks leaving just the wind to get in. It has been working so far. It keeps my coals red anyways, just no way to regulate it .
  7. I know I'm not adding much since it runs the same concept, but I've always used lemon juice for cleaning.
  8. alright. Thanks ya'll. I breifly scanned the list and I didn't see one near to me =\. I've also been through my town and Cody asking about it, and besides these 2, there are no real towns around haha.
  9. Cody Fagley


    Oh WOW!!! Great Job on that!
  10. yeah it is a pathetic setup to be honest . I actually got my air supply setup right now. But my new problem was that I was using briquette charcoal. I recently found out I need chunk. But I'm in Wyoming, so I'm getting really interested in using corn. How hot can corn get? :EDIT: I am even in the most rural part of Wyoming. I'm in the REAL Boondocks. I'm an hour from wal-mart! However, we have a LOT of corn and animals. Would Cow and chicken feed work? Has anyone on the forum had much luck with corn / maize?
  11. That anvil IS hideous. But for ~34 cents a pound, I sure do believe it's worth it!
  12. Thanks for the friend add! :D

  13. Thanks bentiron. That workshop had some very enlightening material on it. There was some good work to be shown there. And it would be a good idea for me to look around my area for some workshops. I believe there is one going on for the forth of July in Cody atm. I will look into that. @Glenn: Yeah I know what you are saying. I prefer to make 2 or so projects going on at the same time, which is what I have now, just to rotate and add variety to the craft since it is such a long project. I know I'm going to make mistakes. I'm a very patient person. And I am very glad you told me about your magnesium experience, I would not have known to check for such. and I appreciate the advice. Also I appreciate the advice you gave me about the classes / Wooden sword. You are right, it would be a very good idea to start with wood first and work from there. I understand I don't have the experience for many things. But I came here to accept advice and to learn from ya'll.
  14. Yeah, I've never done any metal casting before. I will definitely look into it. And I see what you are saying as well. Aluminum foil is REALLY thin, that is why I was going to try using 3 rolls. And I planned on firing them as rolls as well. Though I really like your ideas of getting car parts, I might have to give it a whirl. As for my age, I understand that I am young and naive. Though I have a 28 year old brother and a 26 year old brother that have helped me learn the trade for a couple years. I have very much to learn, but I suppose that is why I'm here ;)
  15. heh, it was more of an experiment in all honesty. I wanted to see how much it of it would be usable. Normally I work with Iron, Steel, or Cobalt. This was just a "for fun" project. But I appreciate everyone's responses!
  16. Hey I am currently making a sword out of 3 heavy duty rolls of aluminum foil (it actually gave me enough metal to work with haha.). I was wondering if anyone has done anything with aluminum? I'm really curious about how hard it can get. I planned on quenching it in olive oil. :EDIT: Also, are there any thoughts on whether or not I should make it into an alloy of Iron / Aluminum? Maybe add more carbon?
  17. Hanna-Elk Mountain is pretty consistantly good at sports. And it's a nice town. That was a good move imho :D
  18. haha, yeah I guess I should have mentioned that. I'm doing a full tang. ;)
  19. I am just about ready to make a knife for a friend. It is a 10" Rod of Steel with a relatively high ammount of carbon. I know how I want to do the blade, but does anyone have any advice on how to make the handle? it is around 1" dia. I don't even know how to start with the handle, normally I just make the blade.
  20. Alright, I will get a picture of it as soon as possible. The cinderblocks are encased in Bentonite and Taconite as well as other fireproof clays. The cinderblocks are more for just having a base. =). But yeah, the hairdryer does sound suffient. The problem is that there is no plugs nearby.
  21. I'm sure there have been numorous posts for exactly this, but I'm looking for an idea to channel air into my forge. I have a cinderblock forge, mostly use coal/charcoal. I have trouble getting my iron to heat enough though and I'm sure it is because I can't get enough air to the flame. It is 5' tall. open flame surrounded with fireproof mortar / Cinderblocks. I am open to trying anything that might be thought to work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance Cody
  22. When you are using firebricks, you can actually crush used firebricks to put inside any generic cheap cement to make it more fireproof. I use Taconite and Bentonite myself for my forge, but I just have mine setup with cinderblocks with a layer of fireclay/bentonite on top. It hasn't given me greif yet, so I'm really liking your clay/wood/firebrick design. You will need to put enough clay on though so firebrick doesn't burn the wood like it has already been mentioned. @Bill: Awesome pictures. Love the design. I've heard about something similar to it but never seen it for myself. Very well done, mate! Staff Note: WARNING this can explode, do NOT use standard cement for a fire box.
  23. yeah, I'm 20 miles from Cody, WY. on the border of montana and Wyoming. near Yellowstone. How cold does it get where you are in Wisconson? And thanks :EDIT: I added some of my information. I will put pictures on little later. I am currently doing IT work at my job. You will laugh when you see my shop though haha. My brother took his anvil and forge back to home with him last time he visited, so i've been using a more creative approach. I'm using a railroad Tie for an anvil and a cinderblock forge. Both have actually been doing awesome though, to my own surprise.
  24. Hey guys. I'm new to the forums but it looks like a friendly environment to ask and hopefully answer a few questions . I'm new to blacksmithing (relatively). I started around a year ago but now it would seem it's time to get help elsewhere. Get more knowledgable from the experts and I'd be more than happy to share any of my notes. I'm 17 years old. And I live in the boondocks. Nice to meet ya'll. -Cody