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  1. Thanks for the reply/s Please could some one explain to me what a clinker breaker is, excuse my ignorance. Im assuming its some sort of auto mechanism? I am actually using Smithies breeze coke not coal, sorry if I was a bit unclear on this. I have taken on board the comments about the xtra slag produced by Damascus billiting. I will probably nee to carry on with the side draft at least that way all I need to do at the end of the day is cool off the fire and dig out the slag. However id be really interested to find out about these kinker breakers should any one have some pictures, maybe its so
  2. Hi Guys and Gals,Side draft or updraft which one should I use. I have a question to ask regarding the merits/ disadvantages of side draft and updraft air supplies to my coal nut forge. I am a hobbyist knife maker and have for a while been using the side draft into the fire pit and have behind the pit placed an arch of fire bricks to refect the heat.Hope you can imagine this. Ive been reasonably happy with this arrangement untill the last time I was forging at a friends house. My friend has more forging experience than me and does some really neat damascus work ( although in the main he
  3. Hi Ive now got the said item. The top block (seperates from the lower 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inch base) is a hardened and machine ground block-measuring 4 by 4 inches by 2.5 inches high.. shows fine dull yellow sparks the top block shows no impresion when a centre punch is hammered onto the top face. The lower base part has a cast middle with a thick steel plate about 1/2 and 3/4 inch thickness sandwiching the casing. Internal support flanges cast in the inside of sandwiched casting. Weighs about 40lbs.Not sure if I weld the whole thing together top block to base it would withstand the blow
  4. tHANKS FOR YOUR REPLIES GUYS. I can honestly say if this turns out to be a riser block and not a small anvil Im going to be pretty disappionted.I hade intended to use it as a striking face anvil i.e. used as a small portable anvil. Guess ive only myself to blame .Having said that the discription did include the word anvil. Seems like I may have purchased a riser block and not a small brick type anvil. Sill maybe I can harden up the top if it turns out to be too soft ..... Regards Ivan (H&T)
  5. Very original design AND very nice work, how did the snake get out of the handle? Regards H&T
  6. :confused:Hello Guys and ladies, I have just purchased a small post anvil from ebay and I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT ITS ORIGINS OR HISTORY. Has anyone come across one of these before? Dont know if it is ministry of defence or war department item, this info in the description may just be a red herring. Any help would be greatfully recieved Thanks Ivan (hammerandtongs) IT was DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: square topped anvil block that looks to be unused. Item has no markings or casting marks, came with other old X WD MOD tools that were put away in storage 50 to 65 years ago. A
  7. Sorry jake if its too small to be any use my appologies Ill try to do something with the image but did not have a lot to work with. Regards H&T tHANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST jAKE.
  8. Good evening guys I have just aquired some Blacksmiths bellows see attached photo link. Can any one shed any light on what type these are. I am told that the leather is good but will need some treatment and reconditioning can any one recommend what leather product is best to use to bring new life back into the bellows. Many thanks any advice greatly recieved.H&tONGS 2nd photo is enlarged
  9. Hi Dan, If I dont use coke would what would you suggest I use in a ground forge. Thing is I havent any long term experience forging with charcoal although I understand that it can be used Is there any other fuel that I could use, dont want to over complicate things. Ive just got hold of some old blacksmiths bellows which are foot operated-hope to use these for the forging demo.(in which case I have the oportunity to use the forge tray which is above it. Need to recondition the leather on the bellows -what should I use for this guys any suggestions greatfully recieved. Regards H&Tongs.
  10. Glenn Thanks for the thumbnail and line with ash advice-makes sence to me Great idea to give the forge away at the end of the day-I kinda had a similar idea in mind if I could collect an old BBQ from the junk yard-this forging is contageous.....Thanks Irnsrgn-Your portable miners forge sounds interesting-will follow up with some research. why did miners need such a piece of equipment -was it to repare shaft supports or for repair of mining tools and equipment, I wonder, will make for some interesting research. Evfreek I agree parts should be ready (tried and tested before the demo-guess th
  11. Good evening guys, I would welcome some advice on building a small ground forge, to burn blacksmiths coke nuts. I have volunteered my services to give a knife blade forging demo to a small group of my friends. The demo will take place in the local forest (away from trees). There will be a small blower available if required. Basically I want to build a small ground forge as simple as possible-will have to remove it after use. I hear that there can be quite a lot of heat loss into the surrounding ground if not properly insulated. I have a number of white soft fire bricks that I could use for
  12. I have collected the anvil here are some photos After a four and half hour return trip and a bit of work sanding off the surface rust I was quite pleased with the result. Thanks for the great interest in this thread which i have found very helpful and informative in coming to the decision to buy this second hand anvil, which I do not regret. Looking foward to some hot metal bashing Best regards Hammer&Tongs
  13. Guys, The majority opinion seems that this anvil is worth a visit and if its half as good as it looks it will be a bargin. Im going to have a look at it this week. Ill let you know how I get on. H&tongs
  14. Hi Guys Clarke-kenski-its not that cheap the guy wants equivalent of $2oo for it and its 120 miles away .Why do you say that I will not be happy with it-some experience you have had? Im beginning to have doubts but im being told at this end that these go for between $200 and $300 in england. These things seem to fetch silly money. However that said the seller is going to send me more photos of the striking surface then I guess its decision time. Shame its 3 hours or so drive away. Thanks for the advice any way guys the jurys out on this one I think. Thanks H&TONGS
  15. Hi guys im in the process of looking to buy a cast iron Farriers type Blacksmiths Anvil. I have not actually looked at the said item yet but have attached two photos which the seller has sent me. I have a couple of questions regarding this anvil and its suitability for the type of work I intend to do with it (should I decide to purchase it). You will see its 102kgs and made by JB ENGLAND. I would like your opinions on what you can see as the condition of it and what do you guess its worth. Mainly I am a hobbiest knife maker and forge blades from 5160 steel. in the main I use a 3lbs blacksmi
  16. Hi Ron-Glenn-Bruce-irnsrgn, Thanks for your replies and advice Guys .There seems to be a number of improvements I need to make,not least of all to reduce air volume and blower inlet pipe diameters. The chimney size increase in diameter will increase the updraft I guess- good call. Thanks for the photos and illustrations really good and gives me an idea on whats probably gona need some mods. I had not thought about an arrestor in the chimney will do some more research on this. Great advice gentlemen ILL KEEP YOU POSTED ON HOW i GET ON. You know what this means-Now Ill have to make a visit to t
  17. Hi Glenn.Thanks for your reply here are 3 pics of the forge (as you can see a home made one) this shows the hood which is about 20inches above fired coke area.Hood measures 22 inches width by 17 inches depth .The forced air enters from the side via a 2inch diameter steel pipe. The fire area is sourounded by soft fire bricks as shown. I use these to contain the heat when forging knife blanks. Hope this will sheds some more light on the problem.:confused: I thinkk the volume of air delivered may be a contributing factor-may also need to throttle this down a small amount. Any more ideas guys.
  18. Hi there all this is my first thread so here goes. I burn 'Forge Breeze' Coke nuts on my air blown coke forge. I have the problem that after a days forging I have noted multiple tiny pitt marks on my house double glazed windows. I know this is definately caused by my forging activities. There seems to be minute red hot spits in the exhaust from the forge which are still hot buy the time they settle on a nearby house window(situated some 10 feet away) I have a relitively small back garden and so I think I increase the distanced of 10 feet to say 15 feet max. I dont at this stage want to make
  19. Clarke-kentski,yeasteryearforge and Ted Thanks for the warm welcome. Ted so true so true for every coin there is a reverse side, on the up side we learn that with patience and practice comes good, along the way we make some scrap but what the heck that scrap has given us its knowledge before it departed this good life- its that knowledge which points us in the right direction next time. Cheers Guys H&T
  20. Hi there everyone, may I please introduce myself. I am a a hobbiest metal basher and I am interested in all things mechanical. I have been forging with 5160 (leaf springs) on a coal forge for the last couple of years.I like to turn junk into something useful.Im interested to learn more from other forum members on the honerable art of the blacksmith. I am also interested in building machines (from junk parts) for use in the metal working shop. Best wishes to all. Hammerandtongs:)
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