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  1. LDW

    The kids were kind of skeptical at first but when they saw Brians Horse head I was making they were in awe. I made bottle openers and flowers. It was great. I will help Brian make hammers tomorrow. I really enjoyed our time together, keep in touch.

  2. LDW

    Here is my email address [email protected]

  3. Fat and Happy

  4. I made a beautiful copper ring today and told Ricky to give it to his wife.

  5. LDW

    I use muriatic acid, use it straight, because cable is made up of the same metals it requires a deeper etch to look good. I also take the metal to 1000 grit before etching. Sometimes I have etched in straight muriatic for 15 minutes. If you can stand the fumes it gives you a different pattern if it heated to 140 degrees first,(the acid, not the knife)

  6. LDW

    Who is myers4768, do you know? I just got a private message from him asking about dues.

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