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  1. Beaudry Size and Dimension Chart: Beaudry Hammer Information http://www.newenglandblacksmiths.org/power_hammer_info.htm
  2. VINTAGE GREEN MENGEL SWAGE BLOCK NICE on the net I am not affiliated with this auction. Just thought it was an interesting piece and high priced. How this
  3. Is this what it means to check the head space.
  4. I consider myself a "wanna be" blacksmith. I have a little experience with all the tools. I live outside of Twin Falls Idaho. My son Larry is the real blacksmith. He goes by monster metal.

  5. I grew up in southern Idaho, Nampa. Hence my screen name, Bigfootnampa. I didn't get into blacksmithing until after I was living in Missouri though. I might know lots of people that you do (or should). I used to work at the fire department in Nampa. I also worked at a scrap yard in Nampa for a while when the interest rates went nuts and building in the area came to a halt for a while.

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