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  1. I asked if he had any anvils but no go. I did however pick up an almost flawless peter wright yesterday that clearly has every letter and number intact--does not look like it was used much.
  2. It looks identical to that. Needs to be cleaned up of course. I paid $125,,,I felt it was fair plus 6 tools at $5 each and 2 hammers at $7.50 each. Like I said, I know nothing of smithing but know I need all of this stuff so have been doing some shopping.
  3. Keep in mind I have no knowlege on forges, but know I need one to get this "hobby" on it's feet. I found one that a guy had in his shed. The bowl looks like never used. It has a wood handle to pump a gear mechanism that turns the blower. The original belt is on it, but rotted off. Where can a guy get a belt fixed like that? Dan
  4. Trying to get a grip on blacksmithing as a hobby. I am in my mid 40's and have been an ironworker in construction all of my life. Love to weld and fabricate and decided to step back in time and give this a try. I need to spend time reading and collecting and maybe when the snow melts here in Wi I can drive the neighbors crazy. Dan