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  1. Found a listing for an anvil, only has one picture available at this time so it is not a huge help. A few letters are visible on the side but it has not helped me very much with figuring out what brand of anvil it is. Any ideas?
  2. Dave I have read several threads you have had valuable input on. I am new to the idea of building a gas forge, but your pictures and insights I believe are helping me along quite well. I Have a question though, is there a reason you chose to go with the soft bricks for making your doors over the hard bricks?
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Pat if you find where the picture went I would love to see. thanks for all the help.
  4. I have spent the better part of an evening searching the internet for any pictures or designs for a small metal butterfly. the closest I have found is one of those yard stake things made from a kit. Has anyone made or seen a design for a small butterfly? something about the size of your palm or so? unfortunetly the design phase is usually what gives me problems. If anyone can offer help or suggestions I appriciate it.
  5. ok. thank you for the input. Knowing little about this stuff is a pain when it comes to making a purchase...
  6. they are only asking 100 dollars, I assume it works. What type of cubic feet per minute would I expect with a set up like that? sorry I do not know very much about air compressors.
  7. I am looking at an air compressor on Craigslist. no information given other than the two pictures posted. I have a small craftsman air compressor for general use, but was hoping to find something with a little higher cfm at high pressures for use with tools like a sand blaster. I know this is alot to ask, but anyone have any kind of clue on the stats on a compressor like this one in the pictures?
  8. Yeah I found several designs was just curious if anyone had first hand experience with any of them.
  9. After spending better part of a day using a wire wheel grinder to remove surface scale from some recent work, I have been thinking about building an abrassive blasting cabinet. I looked at some basic ideas online and at one in store at harbour freight. even at HF on sale it was still over two hundred dollars. I believe I have enough sheet metal experience to build a box. I am just hoping for some helpful pointers. some guides recommended using plywood instead of sheet metal, any thoughts on this? I would also need to purchase the blaster unit itself, any recommendations or advice? My compresso
  10. Thanks... cant believe I missed the big button right there.... Here are some pics. Hardy hole measures 1 3/8" as previously stated, only marking on the side I can make out is "194 lbs" Thanks for the help all.
  11. I have no idea what it is. its marked "194 LBS" on the side. If I could figure out how to post pictures in a reply I could post them.
  12. Well it is mine. picked it up this evening. half a tank a gas and $175 dollars later. Any help in identifying it? I see Bacchus suspects it might be a Wilkinson? Ummmm I have more pictures of it now but cannot figure out how to put them in the reply.... any help here?
  13. I made arrangements to go pick it up tomorrow. I will be sure to have better pics on afterward if I am able to procure it. Thanks fellas.
  14. I am looking at buying an anvil that I found online. The manufacturer is unknown but it has a good solid ring. Weight is marked on the side as 194. obviously there is some damage to the table, hardie hole and the corners of the face look a little rough. I only have two pictures to go off of. My thinking is for his price of $175 I would be getting a decent deal on a servicable anvil after some work. Any thoughts or recommendations? If I were to think about reselling what sort of price should I expect? Thanks to anyone who is able to offer assistance.
  15. I have been using a cross peen that weighs about 32oz. I feel like it is a little heavy and would like to find one to use for everyday forging. I have looked at several online in the 600-800gram range. most of these however have a flat square face. From what I have read these types of faces are to be avoided as the sharp corners cause nasty imprints on the metal. anyone have any experience with these or know of another good alternative? Thanks for any help.
  16. my insurance company is requiring me to have the building inspected by the fire department prior to using it. will that system pass that type of inspection?
  17. as I am finishing designs for this hood I am running into a quandary. Do most smoke pipes use triple wall lining as they pass through the wood of the roof or do they use another system for heat insulation? A friend suggested using single wall and then blocking around around the pipe, but that does not seem very feasible to me. Any suggestions? thanks.
  18. I will beg forgiveness now. I have looked on here but have been unable to find, although I am sure it is here, what to use to seal my work. I have seen boiled linseed oil, as well as Japanese drier listed. I have not found out what the latter is though. Also, are these safe to use on work that will be involved with food, such as utensils? Thank you and please don't smack me too much for asking......
  19. i had considered the concrete board above the fire. is a 10" pipe pretty standard? I was planning to use 14ga sheet for the side draft, is that about right or should I lighten it up to 16ga? once again, thanks for all the help.
  20. I am concerned that if I use a side draft I will not have a safe clearance over the fire since its only about seven feet from the floor to the rafters. Is this concern unfounded?
  21. I have a small garage that I am attempting to transform into my smithy. I used a few of the designs discussed here to design a side sucking hood. After designing this, I realized that the building only has a seven foot clearance between the rafters and the floor. the Rafters are far enough apart to install an overhead style hood between them and still be a safe distance apart. Are there any good designs floating around for this style hood? Anyone have any good advice on how to proceed? From what I found, the major difference between the side mounted and overhead style hoods are more of a pref
  22. I have recently acquired a torch that I am going to use propane and oxygen with. I had the regulators inspected by a welding shop and they verified that they are compatible for the use I intend. I did however forget to find out what psi setting I need to keep the two gases regulated to. Anyone have a source, or know offhand? thanks.
  23. Before finding these helpful advises, I went and bought some flux at a welding supply shop. I am however not sure if it is the right stuff. It seems to match the general criteria though. It is peterson fluxes no. 2 high heat flux. first ingredient is boric acid and it contains iron oxide. is this the right stuff or should i shelve the can and go get some 20 mule team borax?
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