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  1. forum problem, its happening to alot of people. Considering I have no desire to use it outside the forge. Do I really need the flare on the end? I have been told they are there just so that the burner can be used by hand like a torch.
  2. So Frosty the complexity is warranted. I can figure the design out, just wondered it it was unnecessarily complicated. JC thanks for the effort but still no picture....
  3. I have been looking up different designs for a 3/4 venturi burner and am surprised that I could not find a thread on here discussing them. I have porters book but his design seems different than most I see on peoples forges on here. was wondering if anyone had some insight into this. His design seems overly complicated, but it could just be me overcomplicating it in my head.
  4. how much heat you have sink through to the table Andrew? I was looking at my design and the angle iron that will hold it all together. Should I be worried about using zinc threaded rod? It will be about 2-3 outside the sheet metal frame but I want to be sure I dont need stainless steel rod for it before I buy it.
  5. The entire end is open, but I will have hard brick on a track that I can slide them apart for a pass through or together to keep the heat in. I appreciate all your input Dave. Thank you
  6. What size burners would you go with if using three?
  7. I am about to embark on building my first gas forge and was hoping for a little input before I began cutting things I cant put back together. I know it is longer than most would recommend but I usually end up doing alot of long bends and twists so I think the extra length is warranted. I am going to encase the whole thing in 10ga sheet metal and bolt it together with angle iron so I can take it apart if needed. Reading through topics on here I have convinced myself that a central straight down burner is best but I was curious about exact placement. With it being this long I know I need two b
  8. I am very pleased. I got some tooling cheap off of craigslist so I am anxious to start making chips. I have used one before, but anyone have any good ideas for beginner/practice ideas?
  9. I just got this baby unloaded this past saturday. Havent even gotten it wired up yet, but I cannot wait. US Burke right out of Cincinnati.
  10. Any idea how much horsepower to expect to lose in the process? I believe the motor is 1 hp on 3 phase.
  11. Thank you knots. The only motor on the unit is the main power motor, everything else is manual. I just wanted to check and be sure that my plan would work.
  12. I am looking at a Burke Milling machine and had a couple questions. First has anyone had any experience with this machines? It is the size R8 collet. Secondly how hard will it be to attach a VFD to the machine since it is a 3 phase motor and I do not have 3 phase service? Thanks for any help.
  13. Anyone know the best place to get hard and soft bricks? They are available all over the place, just wondered if anyone happened to know the cheapest place usually.
  14. Thanks CD that would be much appreciated. and yeah... anything less than 1/4" I think of as sheet metal.. I was figuring between 16ga and 1/8th" I kinda like the designs that weld U-Channel on the front and back and have hard bricks standing on end that you can slide together or open so you have the ability to manipulate your openings.
  15. I have been thinking about building or buying a gas forge for a while. I have read Porter's book as well as the volumes of information available here. Looking at the cost of premade units I have decided I would rather build one myself. I was thinking about a angle iron frame with sheet metal panels. The inside being lined on the sides and top with soft brick and the bottom being hard brick. For most of my work I think a single burner would be sufficient but was considering making it a two burner because I do have some fairly long twists and bends. Advice while I am still in the design phase?
  16. The Tool rest is off a "The Hjorth" Lathe.
  17. Anyone have any idea what brand of lathe that chuck would fit? I found a name on the jaws, but not on the chuck itself.
  18. This is the one I made for myself, but follows the same rough idea.
  19. That is becoming popular to intentionally divot the spine of blades so that they have more character and look like they are made from old rusted and pitted metal.
  20. Pictures as promised. The Chuck is 10" diameter. The compound tool rest has Hjorth stamped on the top.
  21. I was at an auction yesterday and decided to bid on a 3 jaw lathe chuck that is about 10" diameter and a compound tool rest. Looking on the internet has done little in my effort to figure out a fair price to resell for. There are some on ebay but if people were buying at those prices they wouldn't still be on ebay... I will post pics when I get home this evening.
  22. sorry for being slow on the reply, been a busy week. I like the square design because it can easily be taken apart and it makes it easier to make a support for a stainless steel grate across the top to cook on. the 24" is a request, I prefer the 30" that I have, but I have a request for one that is smaller.
  23. I am working on a portable fire ring. I have made a couple of them already but I need to revise my sides thickness. I used 1/8" on the last one and think I could still lighten it up some. I have looked at some sheet metal but I am iffy on how well that would hold up. The rings are about 24" Square with angle iron in the 4 corners. Anyone have some experience on what to use?
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