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    i like blacksmithing, and bladesmithing, i like to read books, and i love to wacth anime!
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    watching anime, blacksmithing, talking to friends
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    I suppose blacksmithing, even though i dont sell anything yet lol.
  1. Oah.. ok, hey be sure to make a video or AT LEAST! some pictures :P and what are you getting for it? eitherway, keep contact, Joe

  2. hey joe, sorry, but i wont be able to to get on msn for a while, both labtops are now either broken or have a virus, and the desktop doesnt have working msn. so....lol. btw, i got hired to forge a dagger for this girl at school.

  3. well, it sorta looks like an old champion forge, but youll have to ask the guy to look around on for a symbol or company logo to be sure, it would probably be on the blower or on the fire pan. it looks in good condition, so me myself i would pay around $150-$200. buts thats just my opinion.
  4. i need a new anvil, i would like to try to get a peter wright anvil, 100 pounds or more, and it would be nice if it was near ohio. can anyone help me out?
  5. Ya i guess rofl, but people dont do research about there own culture, they like to study about different cultures lol. or atleast i wouldnt. i really hope when i try to make one of these it goes well :p
  6. please take a look at this video on youtube about a japanese bladesmith. my question is, what are these sledge hammers called? i want to make some, but i dont want to look stupid and not know what there called . heres the link to the video. you might just want to fast forward a bit. YouTube - Making authentic Katana with Japan's most famous swordsmith ???? Please reply as this is driving me crazy!!
  7. ive studied alot about making katana, they explain so much, but one think im not able to find is how to make the hand guard that goes between the handle, and the blade. so does anyone know how to make these? and if theres a book or a video that anyone knows about that shows how they make these, or if you could just give me an idea of on this thread, i would greatly apreciate it !
  8. my forge is a champion forge that was practically never used for its entire life, ill get some pictures as soon as i can. it cost me about $375. and its very good, ive been blacksmithing for about a month or 2 now, and you can see some of my blacksmithing videos on my youtube account (kakashi1578). so, whats your forge?
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