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  1. I was wondering where a fellow may obtain W2 steel for knifemaking. Any ideas? Not round bars, but flat bars. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the chart Ronnie, and everyone for your much appreciated input.
  3. I am definitely not giving up on it...it was great to work with. I just want to try out different steels early in my knife making "hobby". I want to do everything myself, including all steps in the heat treat. Eventually, I would like to build a forge and hammer away.
  4. Hello, I am making my second knife, the first was a drop point hunter in 1084. The second, third, and fourth will be either of O1 or 1095. What do you recommend? Initially I was planning on using 1095, but I think I may go with O1. I have read that 1095 hardening must be done precisely. Bring up to 1500 and quench IMMEDIATELY in warm oil or water (brine), then temper. It seems that O1 is hardened in the same manner, with time from fire to quench not so critical, but what are your opinions? Any info will be really appreciated. I apologize for this rookie/beginner post. I have yet to harden my first knife (the 1084)...I am really taking my time and reading all that I can from great folks such as yourselves before diving in to this.
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