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  1. So is mine upside down?
  2. Hey guys thanks a million she's up and working I wiped of excess grease (I should had known that one) will grease the other parts I rebent the spring works great I should have known that part also but it's better to ask ?s now that I'm out of school thxs to all this is a great site ;)
  3. Thx over greased yea I would have to agree with that
  4. Is there suspose to be something on this side of the pic were I have it aimed ?
  5. Ok when the screw is all the way backed out, I can pull the jaws open and closed all day long with no resistence that's not good.
  6. If I unscrew it it just spins all the way out the jaws don't open but I can pull apart easily with it unscrewed but can't pull open if screwed in,the part of the jaws that open on the inside of it where the screw part is seems like there should be something there to help with the jaws to open maybe not? There is nothing there hope you can under stand my bla bla bla Try this one Sorry guys that wasn't mine that was a pic I got off Internet this is mine I'll check the spring tomorrow and let ya know my findings thx.
  7. chevelle69

    Vise won't open

    A couple weeks ago, I greased her up the screw is comming out but not the jaws if I pull they come apart easy and screw in what part mite I need.
  8. I had to move and it got left outside just over the winter little rusty. Probably the first time ever left outside.
  9. chevelle69

    Show me your vise

    I'll put them up tomorrow any certain area of it size ?
  10. chevelle69

    Show me your vise

    Info on I have a vice it says Pitsburg OHN vether?
  11. Does anyone know anything about info on vise [email protected]@gmail.com
  12. Have name ohn vether l pittsburg. [email protected]
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