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  1. jet45papa


    How did You made it?
  2. WOW Simply beautiful. Excellent work.
  3. I've been in New Mexico, and i can tell thats true!!! By the way, beautiful place and nice friendly people.
  4. WOW Thanks a LOT!!! I will definitely stay away from valves and chrome plated stuff. As for springs, i can get some of those, i think its a lot easier to forge one of those. I also found a bar from the suspension, its like 1 1/2" thick. I will post a picture, of that large piece (like 1 yard long) again, i dont know wich steel it is made of, but if you said its ok i wil believe so. Thank you every one! this is my first post, so it means a lot to me.
  5. Hello out there! I have this question; the steel balls from the homokinetic joint (or coupling) from cars and pick-ups, Can also be used for welding casting or foundry? My old man does have a mechanic shop and they do throw away several pieces of steel every month. I was thinking in picking up the steel that appears to be of higher quality (camshaft valves, steel chromed balls, etc) so i can make a cast for a nice knife. is there any problem? are there any complications? Every thought and comment are welcome! Thanks to all that make this forum still going on! PD: I dont know if im in the right place to make the question. if im wrong please, let me know.
  6. Im a begginer and i was wondering, a starter kit for 25 bucks? Can you please tell me how to make one like yours? Thanks
  7. I dont know if this is the place for this question, still here it goes, wich its the diference between simply using wood directly to the forge instead of using charcoal/coal? i mean, because its going to turn into charcoal in the process of burning, I hope anyone can answer my question ps: sorry for my bad english
  8. jet45papa

    broad sword

    beautiful sword
  9. Excuse my ignorance, what its the damascus?
  10. Your Shop its just awesome! i like it!