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  1. Ummmm. Brine comes to mind.....not just water straight out of the tap....
  2. I would like to see the design, I was thinking of building one in the japanese style to replace my 100lb LG....
  3. Ok take a look under knife making 101 section and do searches on here about heat treating. As Rhett said there are to many unknowns with your post. Researching on your own might give you an idea of what you are looking for.
  4. Sam , The bills have been outrageous here as well, I have only had one bill this year below 100 dollars. So I am thinking this new box will solve that issue as well..Lucky for me I took plenty of detailed pictures of the box and where it was located before they replaced it to show anyone if this ends up in court. You know how landlords are always the cheapest option in fixing everything.
  5. Tom, The breaker for the dryer plug which is what I plug into is 30 Amps, when the electricians were installing the new service yesterday I plugged in and they tested my draw at 12-13 amps. However my landlord is convinced by the idiots he has working for him that the box problem was a resuult of my hammer not the fact that the box he had in there was 40 years old and known for problems. So I am kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to using it again, risk the landlords wrath even though I KNOW with the new panel that there will be no issues, or just start looking for a better place. I had told the landlord that the box was a problem 3 years ago but he didnt believe me, 4 years ago I reported problems with the power to him and that was even before I had a hammer. So he knew or had to have know there were problems and was just avoiding it and my use of the hammer gave him something to focus on as the cause. Mick, thanks, we had figured on annealing and low speeds and feeds, its still a possibility but right now......with things being how they are with the landlord situation AGAIN its on hold.
  6. Well my plans might be screwed, with all the electrical problems my rental is having my landlord is blaming me and my 3 hp motor on my power hammer for screwing up his 40 year old service box that was a fire hazard when i moved in. So I was told no power hammer use ever again when he replaces the service this week. grrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Hey at least he didnt suggest watching Conan at the beginning
  8. I am sorry to hear about your loss....prayers for you and yours.,.
  9. Thanks Stan Basher and Tom and everyone.... I am thinking about having a mandrel welded to the square for the 4 jaw, but it looks like slow speeds and slow feeds are the answer. I am going to do it in the steel he wants for the first one but having, the info to back up my use of damascus will help convince the instructor that it is safe....
  10. My instructor doesnt know me well enough to know i make good welds and he doesnt have the experience dealing with damascus in a lathe to determine if its safe or not....He just told me if you want to do it show me something to back it up....For him its a safety issue, and thinking a delam happening in mid cut and throwing shards across the lab into people kinda thing.
  11. I have a question for those of you with way more experience working lathes, as part of my machinists course as are going to make hammers, and I was thinking about using Damascus, gfor the handle and the head, the instructor is worried that it would delam while being turned, so I need to find some doccumentation to support that it would hold together. Any Ideas where I should look? Or if it is even possible?
  12. looks like a firepit, but heck put a blower on it and you have a forge...
  13. I rarely if ever have a tang warping on me since I dont heat the tang or quench it, I keep it out of the oil when quenching. Ive had some warps on thinner blades but i usually correct that shortly after pulling it out of the tempering oven. I have a block of wood with 2 shaped handles on the ends and a slit in the block to put the knife for corrective tweaks.
  14. I see it more as a warhammer style than a smithing hammer
  15. There are horizontal bandsaws that would work well on what you want to do, Look on craigslist or even harbor frieght...better to find a used one unless you have an active shop and can afford a better model like a grizzly
  16. Nice Richard, I should send you a picture of my 10 lb sawyers hammr that is octogon.
  17. I'd love to work on a project like the first Vid
  18. The big thing about using clay is allowing it time to dry or cure properly before doing the ht, I didnt do it on a few blades and the clay just blew off the blade.
  19. I minimize scale on my cable billets by spraying a small amount of water on the billet as I use the power hammer on it.
  20. What would you be asking for the stump and the stake ( picture # 10 ) out of interested curiosity..
  21. WmHorus

    Bowie WIP

    Well got a message back from the guy I am doing the trade with, he likes it so I just gotta get it done..creativity just takes time unfortunately when deciding how to finish knives....at least to me anyway. Thank you guys for the compliments, it helps really.
  22. Thanks for the compliments, it really makes me feel like I am doing something good. If it were not for Tom Sterling I wouldnt be able to do things like this so really the praise goes to him since he is such an inspiration to me.
  23. Patience and grinding.....alot more Patience than anything else...chuckles
  24. I put this one together in 3 days, luckily I had the blade sitting around, it was payment sorta for some deer antler I was gifted with.
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