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  1. i thought I just saw something under tailgating in Australia.
  2. I finally managed to track down a company that in the 1930's owned the one that made my anvil, I wrote to the company president about my dilemma in Identifying my anvil and here is what he wrote back. Re: Company History‏ From: Don Selfridge (dselfridge@hanchett.com) Sent: Wed 10/28/09 8:53 AM To: Wm Horus (wmhorus@hotmail.com) Paul, I've only worked for Hanchett for approximately 34 years and during that time I've been told that Hanchett purchased the Covel Company sometime in approximately the 1930's. Wha you have is a sawfiler's anvil. It is used for leveling and tensioning circular saws. Based upon the photo it appears to be rather large in size. We still provide anvils on a very occasional basis as there are a number available from auction sales. As an example for value, a 14" X 16" X 5" Crowned face anvil currently sells new for $4,575.00. Please feel free to visit our website at Hanchett Manufacturing -- Knife Grinding Systems - Band Saw Sharpening Systems and review our current products. Thanks for your interest. Don Selfridge So there we have it, A sawfilers anvil, a rarity apparently if I am reading this correctly. I got lucky.
  3. There was barely any surface damage to it a few little dings here and there but alot less than I see on your average used anvil. The man I got it from bought it from a lumber mill auction 10+ years ago I think he said. I have been trying to get a hand to pick it back up off the ground, I was trying to move it earlier this week and it slipped off the table, and I can't move it on my own. Actually had someone offer me a 125# Hay Budden for it but, I decided I'd keep it and try to find another anvil to use as well. I had thought of trying to put a hardie hole into it, but decided why mess it up.
  4. I was told this anvil is an old sawyers anvil by a local blacksmith but I am now having doubts because the shape of it is a tad off. Any Ideas? please feel free to email me your answers, it would be easier way. Thanks Paul
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