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  1. Finally got around to looking at this again on Sunday. So the indirect method did not really work at all. The direct method though did produce about two milk crates of Charcoal so the simplest method no retort work . going to revisit that this weekend wife is working and other then one social event, I'm free this weekend. Last weekend most of it ended up being focused on putting plants in.
  2. Trying not to get too complicated is my forte lol. Keep It Simple Stupid is my motto I did produce charcoal in both a direct method and indirect method. I needed to remove the paint from a storage drum which humorously enough produced more and better charcoal with almost zero smoke. The retort was smoking from the start and just kept getting worse it did produce some charcoal but not near the amount made by direct method with just tossing water on it. Both had some wood still left but far more in the retort and the amount of smoke was like 10 times what the direct one was. I'll give it another try on Sunday when I have a day off after I remove the rest of the paint from the drums. I might not be able to. Fun of living in a suburban neighbourhood
  3. I'd wouldn't mind doing that but I don't have the gear to do the fabrication needed. My current gear does not include a functionally welder and with what I have in spare money it's going to be a while before I can buy that. On top of that it's been a good ten years since I have done any welding. I'm looking at taking courses this fall to handle that and I'd kind of prefer to put money into the welding course. Then look at getting a couple canisters for a my oxyacetylene set up I have currently inherited that from my father in law. The main issue I am having is how to keep the gasses in the bottom and burned before they leave the barrel I think I ahve seen this in some videos and it doesn't seem to be as smoky. ​
  4. I was just doing the 33 gal steel drum in the 55 gal drum. No pipe fittings or anything like that. The 33 gallon steel drum is filled with wood placed in the 55 gall upside down and with the opening to the bottom and as the fire burns the gas escapes out the bottom. I think maybe the hole in the lid of the 55 gal steel drum maybe too small.
  5. So, I'm building a two barrel retort one with the smaller inside of a larger and I am making enough smoke to seriously ruin my day and my neighbours I did manage to make charcoal. Both through retort and the method of starting a fire and just garden hosing it to death lol. The retort is smoky as XXXX. Now that that could be the paint that was on it but it 's still pretty smoky. So description I have a 55 Gallon steel drum and a 33 Gallon steel drum. The 55 has 8 evenly space 11/2 inch grates of 3/8 inch holes effectively grates drilled in it at the bottom. I cut a 3 inch square hole cut in the top using an angle grinder. When I was burning it to day a lot of smoke and when I put the lid on either one the fires just about died. Now the smoke could have just been the paint which I plan to look after this Sunday with my angle grinder and a sanding disk. So a couple of questions guys How large should the opening be on the top of the 55 gallon Steel drum ? Is there anyway to knock the smoke back on that retort?
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