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    I'm short (5'-6"), stocky, dark complected, and not a people person. I'm a perfectionist.
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    I'm a family man. I'm good at making things beautiful, and a jack-of-all-trades.
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    I currently work at Wa-Mart but long to become a self-supported knifemaker.

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  1. I've been looking but I can't find any "lengthy" discussions on the topic. I already knew of damasteel but their process of making those barrels is complex and pattented. What I want to know is: can a smith forge a damascus barrel himself and it be capable of firing todays ammo? From what I've read, the problem with the old damascus gun barrels are that they are weak from age, rusting between the layers, and corrosive ammo. So if that's what causes them not to be able to handle modern loads, wouldn't a newly forged damascus barrel be safe?
  2. O.K., I don't know much about forging and smithing, only what I've read here and there on the information highway. I'm mainly interested in damascus and have a question about it. I'm a 'gun nut' and think that the old double barreled shotguns with damascus barrels of yesteryear are BEAUTIFUL, unfortunately most of them are not capable of firing todays high pressure ammunition. I was just wandering if with todays advancements in damascus, is it possible to create gun barrels and/or cylinders with it capable of handling todays high pressure ammo?