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  1. Thanks for all the help. I checked the blades and no part was hitting anything, I tapped on the handle and it moved a bit then it moved more and after a bit I could turn it all the way around though not freely but the shaft was moving around in the motionless cog. I took the blades off and attached vise grip and it did turn and the cogs started moving. The teeth that were at the bottom came around and they had a lot of gunk which I cleaned off and the teeth there look fine. Kept turning and it got easier so I put the blade back on and used the handle and soon it was spinning with no problems at all except if i start out too fast the shaft will slip so needs tightening, the head of the set screw is missing half so need to replace it I guess. Put the cover on fan and it blows air great though there is some hitting of the blades so needs some adjustment. What do I need to do to keep it in good shape? I like the way it looks though I see some like to paint them. What is a good lubricant for gear box?
  2. I got the cover off the fan and it had no debris at all and fans looked undamaged. Couldn't get the gearbox screws out so i used some spray lubricant i had on hand and sprayed it inside and around the screws and tapped around them and they come out fairly easy. Gears look good to me.
  3. Was given this Champion today. Looks good but doesn't turn at all.
  4. Thanks ThomasPowers and Orgtwister. I will take your advise (no pun intended). Guess it wouldn't take much of a bend to cause that.
  5. Saw a post vise at the flea market and thought $40 was a good price so took it home. Columbian 4.5". Feels 60 pounds or more. Complete and screw operation is smooth but jaws don't meet perfectly so worn out some I guess.
  6. Anybody seen one of these? Thought it looked hand forged so I got it. About a foot long.
  7. Finally have a real anvil! Bought this Peter Wright and things at auction today for $110. Hope I did good. :D
  8. Thanks for the excellent information! I've learnt something today.
  9. Out walking around the other day and a couple of things followed me home. By the tracks was a pin of some sort 1.5" thick and 14" long which has letters GB on top. A chunky piece that looks like it fell off a caterpillar 2" diameter and a tool that I paid for. Don't know what it is. Looks like the end piece is copper.