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  1. Thanks guys for the replys. Concrete, I am sure is the most solid but labor intensive. If my memory serves me, Spenser details a heavy wooden post type foundation for dirt. One would need the plans to know for sure. I may just have to find them.
  2. Hello everyone. Look, I bought a tire power hammer, second hand, built by a Clay Spenser class. I can't seem to be able to find the written instructions that came with it but wanted to move it to a dirt floor and remembered that Clay Spenser specified how to mount it securely in the ground. Can anyone give me the way that Clay Spenser says to do that? I know that will be the right way. Many thanks!
  3. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great answers. You have all given me some fine guidance and an encouraging first post here. Best to all!:)
  4. Hi guys! First post here and I haven't seen a question placed just this way. If so, please excuse. My question is: What am I giving up, in a home shop setting, going with a quality tire hammer, like Clay Spenser's vs a quality air hammer like a smaller Big Blu? At something close to a 2 1/2 times difference in new price, the cost factor is obvious. What CAN'T I do with the tire hammer that I can do with the Big Blu and in your opinion, is it worth the extra cost in your home shop? Thanks for your replys!
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