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  1. Had a conversation with you on the phone a few years back, last time a bought a T shirt I think, you pitched a couple ideas, one that got the best laugh was the kilt reference "if I wore underwear beneath it then it would be a skirt", and a great story about you and Paw Paw  Wilson, and a big  "horse" shoe.  seeing your 2  "vise" t shirt made me think of the sign posted in my shop, I wanted to write the short form of a quote attributed to Mark Twain  "never trust a man who has no redeeming vises" but research showed the original quote to be "I havent a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming Vices" (vises) (interchangeable spelling with the Britts I find), anyway I printed out the sign and covered in plexiglass screwed it to shop wall, over my greatest two vices, a brute 120lb 7inch jaw leg vise and and a Green River bolt makers step vise, figured if any multiple of redeeming vise could be had it was these two.  attributed it to Twain of course, not sure if theres a T shirt level esoteric joke in there or not (if so you can have it) if not  just sharing a tale that might make someone pause and grin at least.  Thanks for the website community here, still building cars at a higher budget and too demanding schedule,   been gone a while, Jared Riesenweber

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