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S0004 Cold Iron

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S0004 Cold Iron
by Rudyard Kipling

Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade! " " Good! " said the Baron, sitting in his hall, But Iron - Cold Iron - is master of them all."

GOLD is for the mistress - silver for the maid" -

Camped before his citadel and summoned it to siege. " Nay! " said the cannoneer on the castle wall, " But Iron - Cold Iron - shall be master of you all! "

So he made rebellion 'gainst the King his liege,

When the cruel cannon-balls laid 'em all along; He was taken prisoner, he was cast in thrall, And Iron - Cold Iron - was master of it all.

Woe for the Baron and his knights so strong,

" What if I release thee now and give thee back thy sword? " " Nay! " said the Baron, " mock not at my fall, For Iron - Cold Iron - is master of men all."

Yet his King spake kindly (ah, how kind a Lord!)

Halters for the silly neck that cannot keep a crown." " As my loss is grievous, So my hope is small, For Iron - Cold Iron - must be master of men all! "

" Tears are for the craven, prayers are for the clown

" Here is Bread and here is Wine - sit and sup with me. Eat and drink in Mary's Name, the whiles I do recall How Iron - Cold Iron - can be master of men all."

Yet his King made answer (few such Kings there be!)

With His own Hands He served Them, and presently He said: " See! These Hands they pierced with nails, outside My city wall, Show Iron - Cold Iron - to be master of men all. "

He took the Wine and blessed it. He blessed and brake the Bread

Balm and oil for weary hearts all cut and bruised with wrong. I forgive thy treason - I redeem thy fall For Iron Cold Iron - must be master of men all! "

" Wounds are for the desperate, blows are for the strong.

Thrones and Powers for mighty men who dare to take and hold!' " Nay! " said the Baron, kneeling in his hall, " But Iron - Cold Iron - is master of men all! Iron out of Calvary is master of men all! "

'Crowns are for the valiant - scepters for the bold!

---------Rudyard Kipling

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