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BP1009 Post Vise

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BP1009 Post Vise
by Uri Hofi

There are many ways to design the constructing of the post vise which is one of the most used tools in the forge. I want to show my construction how it is built, moved, and some of the use.




General look of the vise

The base is a 20"x20"x2" mild steel plate weighing 200 pounds. Two 4" wheel are placed on the front side in a way that the center of the wheels (the shaft) is welded to the upper part of the base plate and out and a little off ground. In the rear side both sides two little plates with 9/16 screw is welded. In the middle of the base plate there is a u shape post from 1/2'.

Flat steel in the dimension of 8"x4" in the height you decide you want the height of the vise On top of the post a 1/2" 25"x12" plate is welded leveled with the ground and right angle to the part that is hold in the vise

The vise is welded to the post and the upper plat and down to the post all the traditional screws that fasten the vise are gone and there is no screw or nut in the way!! The upper plate is used as a tray for tools that you are using at the moment and for many other uses, one of them I will show latter.




The use of the wheels

On the rear side center of the base plate a 1" pipe 6" long is welded. When you push in the pipe a 7/8" steel 4' long and you raise it the wheel are touching the ground and you can move the vise easy to the place you want it.


In both ends of the rear side two plates with adjustable screws with lock nuts are welded. After you moved the vise and the floor is not straight or 100% leveled you adjust and level the base plate fasten the lock nuts and it will stable the vise in place. And they will never move when working.


If it is too hard it is not comfortable to close easy the vise.

The spring must be elastic and not too strong its duty is only to keep the vise in open position.


Another look



One of the use of the vise and the upper plate

Some times you need to weld a simple or more complicated construction and you are alone no one to help you, the vise and the upper plate is very handy.

You catch the bar in the vise on the plate you clamp a right angel and to the right angle you clamp the other piece of steel you want to weld, you can put it in a right angel or any angle. You want and then weld it. In this system you can weld very complicated constructions single handed.


Some times when I work a lot with the vise and I do not want the closing handle to fall all the way down. Put a plastic tape around the handle both sides of the center and it will keep the handle in the center.


Always I put rubbers on the handle near the limit button. This prevents noise when the handle is falling down. It is easier to catch the button and you do not pinch your self ! A little thing but I find it important.


A look to the upper plate as a tray for the tools while working.


There are many other uses to the system that will be shown on other blueprints.

Thank you

Uri hofi

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