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BP0062 "S" Hook Bender


IForgeIron Blueprints
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BP0062 "S" Hook Bender
By Jim Carothers


Here is my take on the sketch and notes provided by Tom Stovall. Thanks Tom for helping get me started!


Draw out and taper both ends of your S-hook stock; bend and form the tips (pig tails). Insert the still straight, hot stock into the bender; hook the pig tail on the stop (orange bar); insert handle and rotate counter clockwise.



The 1/4" socket head screw provides a stop; there are 6 positions for the stop.



The only unique part of this bender is the center pivot. It's made from an old automotive shock mounting stud. These studs generally have a smooth 5/8" shank and 5/8-NF threads. The handle has a slotted hole to mount the center pivot (shock stud). This allows use of the one handle in other bending jigs and adjustment of stock size in this jig. Jim C.

Note that I paint my tools? Makes 'em easier to find and less likely to get thrown in the scrap pile.
I always mark my demo tools (Frontier Shop Blue). If I forget something, it usually finds it's way back from someone else at the site.


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