BP002 Cleaning up the shop

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    Trying to keep the shop a bit cleaner.

BP002 Cleaning up the shop

By Glenn Conner Copyright 2019

IForgeIron Blueprints Copyright 2002 - 2019 IFORGEIRON, All rights reserved.


Trying to keep the shop a bit cleaner.

Start with a plastic flower pot 11 inches diameter at the top, from the garden center. 



Cut off the bottom.



Insert a plastic grocery bag into the pot and over the top edge.



As debris is collected, put it into the pot.



When the pot is full, tie the bag closed and lift the pot. The bag will slide out the open bottom.  Throw the bag of debris away.



The pot keeps the bag open.  Insert a new bag and start cleaning again.   

It is surprising how much stuff you can dispose of a small quantity at a time.

Edited by Glenn

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