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A0016 The Swedish Hammer

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LB0004.003 The Swedish Hammer
by Uir Hofi

The SWEDISH hammer is the less balanced hammer that is existing!it was not constructed for forging. The Swedish HOSHA made a research '' which of the HAND TOOLS is causing the most damage to the human body(because the Swedish government is paying pention according to the damage) AND THEY FOUND THAT THE HAMMER IS MAKING THE BIGGEST DAMAGE!!
I do have the research with me.


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I am afraid that Mr Hofi is mistaken.

#1: There is no such thing as a Swedish hammer in Sweden just as there are no Danish pastries in Denmark - They are referred to as Vienna-breads. On the European continent, however, the type is known as Scandinavian or Swedish.

#2: I own one hammer of the type I believe Mr Hofi refers to. It is probably 80 years old and is the only one of that type I am aware I have seen in Sweden. I rarely use it since it usually is too light for me.      

#3: Swedish workers use German type Schlosser Hammers or carpenter's claw hammers so any reference to damage would be to these types of hammer

#4: The number of blacksmiths in Sweden is so insignificant that they would not appear in the statistics.

#5: The 2013 statistics give 203 hammer accidents  out of 1800 These figures make hammers no 4 not No 1. Figures for 2914 are 178 out of 1705. I am surprised that Mr Hofi understands Swedish.


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