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A0014 Heat Treating Information

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LB0013.0005 Heat Treating Information
by Jimbob

Several good articles in the IForgeIron.com forum on heat treating.
Just do a search for the thread title to find the article.

1 Heat treating cold rolled 1018 mild steel
2 Metallurgy of Steel for Bladesmiths
3 Heat Treating HC Spikes (1040)
4 Cold Chisel heat treatment
5 5160 heat treat question
6 heat treating stainless?
7 I Love H13
8 Using a magnet to heat treat
9 Normalizing vrs Annealing

10 How do I heat treat this
11 Heat Treating 1045
12Heat treating furnace design.
13 I need guidlines on hardning and tempering a spring
14 Inhection heating for heat treating blades
15 Quenching a hammer
16 Differntial tempering question?
17 Question about heat treating
18 Heat treating L6, MA5M
19 Heat Treating 1095 carbon steel - Blacksmith Forum

20 Questions about tempering
21 Heat treating larger pieces in the forge
22 Cryogenic Treatment of Blades
23 Tempering Coil Spring Punches
24 Brazing and heat treating
25 Punch making
26 Help with Heat Treating AR400 Steel
27 Tempering in a small gas forge
28 Can Stainless Be Hardened?
29 Teach an oldman new tricks. Heating Oven

30 Iron carbon phase diagrams, CCT & TTT diagrams for 1018 , 1045 & 1095
31 How long do you bake your steel??
32 Reducing grain growth
33 Home made refactory cement for clay coat heat treating... with directions
34 Valuable Information on Steel
35 Oil Quenchant for Heat Treating
36 Heat treating pics
37 How do you do your clay heat treating ?
38 Reference for metalurgy of many metals
39 Tempering or Hardening or...

40 Question about annealing and tempering

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