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  2. Send some my way Aus! I'm down to one lonely guinea. I had 25 at one point. Come to think about it, the neighborhood is a lot quieter lol. I'd found nests with two guineas sitting on a mound of eggs they couldn't even cover. I only saw two batches get hatched out but predators wiped them out the first night. Guineas aren't really people birds unless you handle them a lot from early on.
  3. They can be cut to your size with a hand saw.
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  5. The Athens Forge, a member of the Alabama Forge Council, will have it's next meeting Sat. April 27, starting at 9AM. This will be an open forge day for AFC members, so bring your project, questions, ideas. For new members and beginners there are tools and material on hand, and plenty of advice. There will also be tailgate sales, and an Iron in the Hat drawing. For directions or other info about Athens forge, visit, Athens Forge on Facebook, or the AFC Athens Forge site on YouTube.
  6. Anvil.. Nice info.. In my travels I have talked with many older tradesmen... What always shines through is the tradesmen who knows the equipment (tools, skills, etc, etc) can take an article or item and end up with a perfect piece where a person who relies on the tools (jigs, rip fences, etc, etc) may miss the mark time and time again when the machine is out of alignment.. (Skill vs equipment).. a scroll turned by hand can once the skill set is acquired be faster than a jig.. an there is also an organic aspect to it that a jig does not impart..
  7. Yes, they do, anvil. Very well said, and knowing which to emphasize when is an important part of developing as a blacksmith. Frankly, knowing that one cannot settle that question forever is an important part of developing as a human being.
  8. the greatest boost to me for being able to match scrolls was, as I stated above, to hang the same amount of material over the edge of the anvil, and scroll it, for each step. how much for each phase? I use Glen's Fibonacci ratio above. 1;2;3;5;8 etc. The golden mean is a good start to undertanding scrolls and the concept of ratios is critical. However, the fun part begins when you consciously change the ratio When you can do this, the shape of a scroll in any given space becomes infinite. Thus the space between pickets, defined by code, can be filled with an infinite # of shapes. This is also the primary reason I don't use jigs to turn my scrolls vs freehand matched scrolls. jigs enhance economics the more you use them,, freehand enhances creativity from rail to rail. Both have their place.
  9. Glenn, are they the ones Mike recommends as being more durable? I need to relive my pro forge but as the factory liner is only an inch thick I am considering a rebuild and honestly don’t want to deal with cool wool.
  10. Welcome to IFI! If you haven’t yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!! Nice anvil.
  11. 230 pound on scale but i don’t see weight on it . I live in Canada maybe it’s a canadian brand?
  12. One dosnt need a hard face on either anvil or hammer, but as a hard face reflects less when hit and imparts a bit of bounce to the hammer steel moves more effecently if one dose.
  13. That looks great. What's the weight on it. Making sure you've read not to grind or mill the face. Just hammering hot steel is all it will take to have that face shining like new.
  14. Glenn ,the Fibonacci sequence is fascinating. It's related to so many different things you could study for ever and still keep making connections. I read your post about the pyramids and Pi,Phi,and phi yesterday. Interesting stuff even though I needed a piece of scratch paper to keep it straight. ;-) Pnut (Mike) The Fibonacci sequence shows up in theseeds of sunflowers, pine cones ,shells of sea life, spider webs of certain spiders, and countless other things and that's just the natural world.
  15. ausfire , we had some when I was a young kid. Are your guineafowl aggressive? it seems like I remember them being fairly aggro. They didn't much like people if memory serves me right , but it's been a long time and I may be thinking of the pea-hens we had. Pnut (Mike)
  16. I've never heard of a Davidson anvil, but it looks to be in great shape. It's just waiting for work!
  17. I am managing to manoeuvre it by using a chain and slings attached to the roof of the workshop. Today I have welded on the legs and adjusted them so they sit evenly on the floor, but with the main weight resting on the belly. I have some tidying up to do and then I'll post some pics. It's pretty busy at the work forge at present (250 visitors today). Easter is one of our busiest periods of the year. Probably even more tomorrow, Easter Sunday. I have been keeping progress pics of the croc, so should have some to show by next week, when things have slowed a little at work.
  18. And speaking of laying in the shade, our guinea fowl have been procreating at an alarming rate. They lay hundreds of eggs and the chick mortality rate is pretty high with raptors and snakes about. I know Das has guinea fowl … things are getting a bit out of control here, Das. Check this lot out:
  19. Hi any one have information for this brand of Anvil thanks 230 pounds
  20. Good Friday Split cross and a 3/8” chisel from a coil spring for future project I saw some honey pot ants once when excavating a swimming pool. Didnt know we had them in AZ
  21. Das, It's art.. I knew it was an ant right off.. No speculation just "Wow" its an ant.. Super cool..
  22. Well I like your door knob ant, Das. I have done a few of them , too. We call them honeypot ants because the brass doorknob looks like the big gold abdomen like they have. Here's one of mine:
  23. I like seeing your progress, thanks.
  24. 4/2 I bought a new computer.. 4/5 the sound card died.. 4/6 I sent it back.. Here we are 4/20 still waiting to get a replacement.. Going to be the 22nd before it arrives.. I think your problem was resolved way sooner and more betterer than mine..
  25. Do you think it would work out to have two burner ports, such that I could make a KOL plug for the one I am not using at a given time? That would allow me to try a ribbon-nozzle and my single nozzle in the same forge. I’d want them spaced apart a little more than I’ve drawn, but I made a sketch of a section through the burner ports to show what I mean. I’d cast the two plugs in place so they would fit well (just have to make sure each port flares out into the chamber a bit so the plug is removable).
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