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CJ: When you upload each picture in your gallery repeatedly it makes everybody download your entire gallery over and over when we can skim through your entire gallery from ONE post. Once I've looked through your gallery I then have to go back to the forum and one by one download and delete every single post and I've looked at every single one already.

I'm sure you don't realize how aggravating it is but please how about a break?

Nice work by the way.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I don't know and I've almost given up on the Iforge platform behaving itself in a reasonable manner. I don't think they're dupes, I think selecting a pic from your gallery just highlights that pic but uploads your whole gallery with it every time. Uploading someone's gallery pics is not sweat we can look at the highlighted one and then go through the rest at the bottom seeing the post is a link to the gallery.

I don't think anybody is trying to be a pest I just think the way the gallery works isn't clear, even the owner and mods link individual pics in their gallery and the whole thing uploads repeatedly.

If I had an idea about how to make it work better I'd have said so a long time ago.

Frosty The Lucky.

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