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Mike Ameling

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Roman era Flint Strikers

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 Looks like a Roman multitool, age: Roman.  You may want to compare it with other roman multitools; I know the Deutsches Klingen Museum in Solingen has several on display and may have more in their collection as they are close to the Limes.  Since you don't list your location I'm sure international travel is a common thing for you---hard to suggest somewhere local for you to visit not knowing where you are at!

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I would guess that it is a fire steel combination tool.  The cross hatching on the main body would indicate to me that it was originally a file.  The point on the body would have been used for knapping flint.  I'm not sure about the other 2 tools.  The sharp one may have3 been a punch of some sort.  The other one is more problematic.  Possibly a blade of some sort. Also, the sharp hinged tool could have had and end like a spoon, common for Roman implements, used for personal grooming, but it has rusted away.

I'm not as sure as Thomas about a Roman date although that is possible.  There have been similar tools in various cultures at various times.  The narrowing of the pointed tool near the hinge does look like Roman style, though.

Do you have any idea of provenance, where it is from and how it might have been found?

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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