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improvised anvil


There is something I love about this anvil. It is something that one could probably find in a scrapyard and build into an excellent anvil. Note the multiple punching/tooling holes around the rim and the facility for a very secure mounting (sadly not being used to its potential here). The majority is a part from... something. I suspect it came from a locomotive or possibly a very large truck. The insert is the traditional Sri Lankan anvil, a 15-odd-lb truncated cone of bloomery iron. This thing doesn't have much rebound (due to the soft iron insert I think) and it wobbles a bit but it can be heard from over a mile away! Unfortunately when I tried it out it seemed a little low for me, but then the average Sri Lankan man is about 5'3". The hammer is 4lb for scale. I am unsure of the anvil's weight but I'd guess at a bit over 100lb.

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