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  2. Yes, No, Maybe depending on information you have not provided. For one thing; is it your belief that every bed frame made all over the world by hundreds of different manufacturers over the last 100+ years used the same alloy? Having worked with several frames; I can say they did not work similarly. Some were definitely higher in carbon content that others. What did the spark testing indicate when compared with say automotive spring and a file?
  3. Good idea, only I already have my "smithy".
  4. Build a dirt floor smithy. Set anvil deeper. Excavate a section in front of the anvil and add/subtract dirt until you are at the correct height for what you want to do/use that day.
  5. I've been doing some hot metal pounding and have realized I pretty consistently strike heavy at the 6 o'clock point on my hammer. Which obviously means my anvil is too high for me. Right now it's at 32 1/2". I get reasonably consistent strikes on the chisel table, which is approximately 3/4" lower than the face of the anvil.. Okay, no problem.................just put a piece of 3/4" plywood on the floor in front of my anvil and see if that corrects the problem. If so, I'll take the anvil off my stump, flip the stump and take 3/4" off the bottom. But............................................I've read where many knife makers prefer their anvils face to be higher (some I've read have said as much as 4" higher) than for typical blacksmithing. Since bladesmithing is my ultimate goal with this "journey", I could just start over on a new stump. But wait..........I also want to do typical blacksmithing projects. I have neither the room nor the money for a second anvil. And on top of that, I have used and really want a dogs-head hammer to do my bevel work on knives and that means the face of the anvil will need to be lowered. Get's kind-a compilated! So what's a feller to do?
  6. I got a new bed frame and my old one is sitting in my basement. Is it good steel for knife making?
  7. JHCC

    Burners 101

    I got a call once from someone who was being offered my old job and wanted to know if I had any recommendations. The first words that came out of my mouth were "Run away screaming." You LISTEN to them.
  8. Bit by bit, and grit by grit.
  9. wow how do you polish your knife to a mirror finish
  10. Today
  11. Not sure how well that hold down will work. I have seen some big hold downs made to work in a hardy hole, but with you rectangular holes that would he some big stock to work. If you search around a bit there are a couple examples of hold downs that were made with pipe clamps that might work well in this case. Of course, you could always make a chain hold down. (I used mine a lot before a beginner destroyed the chain with a bad miss hit. Haven’t bothered to fix it yet.) Lots of options, David
  12. Everything as skill, all tools are is highly refined dirt and all they can do on their own is return to the soil. It's the clever monkeys with thumbs that do everything else. Don't sweat it, this is fun and none of us were born knowing this or heck any stuff. More than ONE forge!?!? <GASP!> Welcome to the club. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Anyone every try making tongs from lug wrenches?
  14. I just worry; I used to have a beautiful bronze wrench I'd picked up at a fleamarket to make knife fittings from. Then I read up on Berylliosis and got rid of it!
  15. Hmm; I just got to wondering about making some tongs from lug wrenches...Saturday at the scrapyard I may pick up several and see what I can do...
  16. You could probably get paid even. A 6 pack of beer at the FD might get you notice when the fire's out. Frosty The Lucky.
  17. Hahah well I definitely think it’s skill mostly, it was only the first chance I’ve had to heat and beat steel! Which was great, I just knew from what I was experiencing there was something I had been missing and such why I’m here now. My original design had intended to be more framed with the angle iron (With a notch front and back for laying stock across) but I had no understanding to why until afterwards seeing some of the coal forges being run. This is an easy enough mod which I intend to do. I’m also going to procure some good coal from a nearby farrier supplier, this definitely seems more suited to coal, I’m sure I can figure out a way to mod to work better with charcoal, am glad I’ve got that direction now thanks to you all. Definitely makes sense and probably why it felt like I had to dig deeper down since I was cooling higher with too much air flow. I have an air bleed hole in my supply line that I need to introduce a gate to reduce/redirect how much air is going through and hopefully having a better Fuel:Air ratio. I also think I’m going to try your JABOD design, in the background of my forge you can see there’s a movable wooden crate which I think may work wonders. This way I’ll have a coal forge and a charcoal forge. *EDIT* Thought I should mention also I booked a blacksmithing 101 class at a local school in September which I’m looking forward to now! Thanks for the encouragement there.
  18. If you show up every time there is a structure fire with some trashcans wanting to scrounge charcoal from the remains; I'd bet that pretty soon you would be on a list somewhere too...
  19. Frosty

    Burners 101

    No but I have been asked by guys having to do my old job. If they're not one of the reasons I left I usually help. . . a little. Is she trying to follow the directions for new software? They just LOVE telling you all the things a "feature" is good for without one word about how to do anything with it. I have a pair of wireless ear buds and in 3 pages of "instructions", not ONE WORD about how to turn them on. Frosty The Lucky.
  20. I'd guess a heavy duty bench vise as well. You don't want a wagon tongue vise able to torque around the tongue damaging it.
  21. Invite people over and use part of their lifetime? Frosty The Lucky.
  22. Hadn't thought of that they are the right color aren't they. Contact Victor? Frosty The Lucky.
  23. Time to start watching ditches and the auto midnight dumpsites. I don't think a week goes by I don't see coil springs laying out for the taking. Have you visited a spring shop and asked to pick their drops? The only time I've heard no from a spring shop was after an unethical bladesmith visited every spring shop within 50 miles and convinced them not to let folks pick the drops. I don't know how he pulled that stunt off but it lasted maybe 2 months, we just bought a stick at the steel supply and divvied it up. Brand new coil spring wire is SWEET, no stress fractures, rust and annealed. Mr. ungood guy ended up using drops and replaced spring stock while the rest of us were using new stock and best of all after listening to his con, the spring shops were charging him around 50% of new. Ayup he'd convinced them old spring steel was VALUABLE knife steel and they were throwing money away. I talked to one of the spring shop guys a while later, the shop was on one of my dodge busy intersections detours so I drove past it nearly daily. I noticed the scrap dumpster was full and dumped every 2-3 weeks and stopped by to chat. Seems they missed guys picking the drops, they had to pay to have them hauled. Anyway, spring and auto customizing shops are your friend. Frosty The Lucky.
  24. Anybody know if Victor regulators used beryllium bronze?
  25. Be careful; it's often easy to get loaded up with a lifetime supply---which is not as bad as being loaded up with a several lifetimes supply!
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