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  2. Laynne

    Multiple tuyeres

    I was thinking 3 pipes in a side blast configuration. Roughly 12" long by 4" wide. One pipe coming in from each end and one at 6". I would block the ones on the ends with fire brick when not in use.
  3. Steve Shimanek

    Just a photo.

    It has been hitting in the 90s and doing anything means sweating buckets here.
  4. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Multiple tuyeres

    You probably need to expand on the "multiple tuyeres" do you mean one pipe with many holes in a bottom blast configuration or more than one pipe in a side blast.
  5. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Found My Dad's Old Anvil

    No sticky I know of but this thread is pretty good and the link Glenn posted.
  6. Mikey98118

    Burners 101

    Where is the third picture?
  7. Steve Shimanek

    Started Power Hammer Project

    Finally back to making some headway on this project; I wired up the compressor, had a flexible hose made, and ordered some air hose from Northern....also took apart the cylinder, reamed out the end cap port, cleaned, resembled and primed it. When funds permit, I still need to order the valves.
  8. Charles R. Stevens

    Noob with first charcoal forge

    Looks beter
  9. Shabumi

    T-Stakes for Tongs? Maybe?

    My go to unbending fork is a tree with a crotch in it, if it's a stubborn bend I slip a pipe over the post to get more leverage. I've straightened hundreds this way cold, and there is usually a tree like this within walking distance of the fence line
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  11. irgunr

    Noob with first charcoal forge

    Charles Thank you for the input I looked a few of the JAPOB forges. I'm trying to keep thing contained in the grill shell for ease of moving in and out of my shop, for now. I rearranged my brick layout last night but didn't get a chance to try it out. O moved the brick into a more V shape, moved the tuyere to the bottom, and changed out to a 1 inch ID pipe. Is my V shape to wide? I have a LB from a electrical project that I'm going to but the hairdryer on to use as a waste gate to help limit the amount of air I push to the fire. I will keep my eyes open for small fans. has anyone tried a computer case fan? I have a couple of those sitting around but they run on 5 volts DC. Thomas. I emailed the NMABA contact account last night I'll see if I hear back from them. Again thanks to everyone
  12. bubba682

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Peppie is right and where you live it should be no problem findin a certified welder to build it just keep your plan simple prep all the parts for the guy if ya can.Go down to your local welding supply shop chances are they can give ya the name of a certified welder that does small projects on the weekends for cash .What i did for the hydraulics is go to the supply shop told them what i wanted which is basically the workin parts of a wood splitter he done up a diagram to hook up everything up then i got a 5hp motor and had a friend wire it up.I think i had 12 hrs of welding time in mine at most 20 theres a referance for ya to ask a price on, i built a simple h frame nuthen fancy.You might save some money by askin around it defenitly won't hurt anyway good luck hopefully this helps ya...
  13. Meridianfrost

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Thanks to everyone for their encouragement. I really appreciate it. Yeah, for now I am going to just keep my eyes peeled for a good used press, and just keep on saving my money so I can afford uncle Al's. Whichever comes first. Looking for a local group that is toying with doing a workshop is a great suggestion, or maybe I could get the ball rolling here with my local abana group. We shall see what the future holds. Thanks again everyone. -josh
  14. Charles R. Stevens

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Rebuilt my portable anvil stand. Lowered it two inches (buy replacing the block with one rabeted to fit lower) changed the tool loops for racks and rebuilt the clamps
  15. 671jungle

    Forges 101

    1st test drive. Still needs the seal and some tuning. Overall pretty happy with the design. The nice even heat and low turn down will be handy to HT small knives when I eventually learn that skill. These after about 5 min. Run time.
  16. Steve Sells

    First time

    clamps like this
  17. Eventlessbox

    First time

    That's really cool looking. Nice.
  18. teenylittlemetalguy

    First time

    that is a really nice looking billet for a first go at it!
  19. Anachronist58

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Yep, I am reaching retirement age, with no pension. Having to invest beyond my means - fly press, OBI press, tool and cutter grinder &......... It can be stressful to make those choices. I expect many independent builders are facing the same challenges. Best of good fortune to you, Robert Taylor
  20. ThomasPowers

    T-Stakes for Tongs? Maybe?

    I've done simple bends cold using my large screw press.
  21. arkie

    T-Stakes for Tongs? Maybe?

    Save your bent-up T-posts. They are fixable. A friend brought over some T-posts that had been bent over when a dozer ran over them. Put them in the forge, heated and straightened them out. Good as new....
  22. Latticino

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    One additional avenue to consider (aside from a rolling mill, which may do much of what you would like for a press) is looking for a workshop where groups of folks are getting together to construct presses for participants (similar to a Clay Spenser style tire hammer workshop). There are usually a couple of good welders in such a group, and you may end up being responsible for just drilling all the holes, beveling edges, or hooking up piping and wiring. I'm not currently aware of any groups with firm plans for such a workshop, but the New England Bladesmiths have flirted with holding one for a couple of years as far as I know, so perhaps they have moved further along. They aren't too far from you in Central NY, so might be worth looking into. Frosty, as I'm sure you are aware, a fast 16 ton press can often be more effective for forging than a slow 25 ton press. I've been impressed with what I've seen of the Coal Iron 16+ ton press, though that one is even more expensive.
  23. ThomasPowers

    Anvil Identification

    Not forge welded; but cast onto, like Fishers and Vulcans and a few other brands. The break does seem to show a plate than then the rest.
  24. Peppie

    Uncle Al !!! Why????

    Even if you were to pay a welder , you could build your own for less than 4600.
  25. ThomasPowers

    Starting a forge

    It still seemed to overcomplicate things. (And I noticed the offer to sell folks the water cooled tuyere stuff)
  26. ThomasPowers

    Hello from Austin Texas

    So have you attended any meeting of the Balcones Forge crew?
  27. Check with a forklift repair company.
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