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John Larson


I am working on an Octagon 75. Today I machined its base plate. I also machined 4 sides of an anvil billet for the middle of the bottom block of an Octagon 125 anvil. It was acquired at the same time as the 75 billet and base plate, was in my way, so I just processed it to get it outta the way. Used my new 6" facing cutter for a couple of its edges, this cutter being the last item acquired in a set of 1.5", 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10". The 6,8,and 10 are only used in the 10 hp horizontal spindle for single passing the edges on the larger anvil billets. The 3 hp vertical spindle won't adequately power them. I also would have to trammel the adjustable vertical spindle extremely carefully, more easily said than done. Mostly I use small cutters in the vertical spindle at its highest rpm level, which is pretty tame by today's standards of high speed machining.

I have many pieces of 50 taper tooling and quite a few facing cutters that use sort of out of date carbides, all auction buys. The new cutters are Mil-tec and all use the same carbides. It has been a major investment over 5 or 6 years, not something I just impetuously purchased in a tool frenzy. The standardization on carbides makes life a whole lot simpler.

There are so many shapes and sizes and grades of carbides it is a major study project to fathom them. One vendor wrote a book to help customers do their selections. Egads!


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