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  1. What significance do these names play?
  2. It is probably where you build a covered fire. The wet coal is packed over something like a 4x4 which is removed leaving a hollow before being lit.
  3. Do you know what the original application was? Thomas mentioned a spring that he worked with one time that was funky.
  4. With as many trees as you have back there, what about charcoal? Even in Las Vegas I can get all of the free scrap wood I could ever use.
  5. Good job on the Rubik's twist
  6. The dies only have to be harder than yellow hot steel.
  7. Sell the sink and buy other materials. They do not last long when posted around here.
  8. PVC is not a bearing grade of plastic, UHMW is. You can find inexpensive UHMW at thrift stores in the form of some cutting boards for pennies on the dollar.
  9. The bed is needed for use as a trailer to get more goodies.
  10. Yes, be careful digging around.
  11. Good deal. As long as everyone involved in the transaction is happy it was a good buy. You could even modify the front to accept tooling.
  12. This is one of those make or break situations. Some jobs you are better off saying no to, and others are the ones that you need to take the risk and say yes. When I had my shop we were hungry for work and we ended up with a couple of jobs that cost us more to make than they were worth. Will you have any help? What happens if you cannot complete the job in time, or it is not up to their expectations? Contracts? Do you have a lawyer to look a contract over? Who is installing the railing? Permits? Do you have to meet safety specifications that the government requires? Insurance? Is this an all or nothing job? Can you only do certain items, and someone else do the others? That is a LOT of work, and a short timeframe to do it in, especially by yourself. There is going to be a lot of trial and error, material used, supplies, etc...can you afford to eat the cost if it does not work out? I am not trying to stop you from doing this, I'm just tossing some things out that I learned from owning my machine and fabrication shop years ago. A lot of people will be cheerleaders for you, but you also need to consider all of the possible pitfalls.
  13. I have seen old cars used for animal housing, chicken coops, etc..
  14. That will depend on how good you are, but yes. Stones will probably be the easiest ,and least expensive route.
  15. Since it is hardened I would say either stones, or carbide burrs in the Dremel.