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  1. Looks like a great tool Bob,mind if i make a copy of it?:rolleyes:
  2. Looks like a saw makers anvil to me :)
  3. My favorite anvil is my 350# KOHLSWA,its on a built up stack of plywood and on wheels.Shown here with my favorite Hofi hammers and [forgive me Uri] a Tom Clark :)
  4. I looked at that Bader website and i see he has a portable belt grinder that can attach to a metal lathe,does this sound like a good idea?anybody have one?seems like it would spew alot of grit all over a sensitive machine :confused:
  5. Thanks irnsrgn, that composite sounds like the ticket.Ill probably have to mail order it though,the stores around here mostly sell bikinis and sunglasses not tractor supplies :rolleyes:
  6. Im looking for a flat belt for my new to me lathe.
  7. 9in south bend lathe

    freebie from another campus,soaking in wd-40
  8. trailer_3_008

  9. south bend lathe

    freebie !!!
  10. web and scroll

  11. Yes,post the address where you would like tools sent :confused:
  12. Im going for these, TM2000 High Accuracy Welding Eyewear mosty for gas welding,and forge welding with my tri burner.Though to be honest with you, in my home carport shop using a single burner horseshoers forge, i just wear my reading glasses since im just doing small work at an orange heat and not staring at the fire :cool:
  13. avey drill press

    my new to me drill press
  14. Heres one i do all the time for people who stop by,the longer they stay the fancier i make it. Its simple, a couple of pig tails,then once around the horn,then up 90degrees,then curve it back down hook shaped.The one in the pic is 1/4in round but you can use square with twist,weld on leaves,use what you got.
  15. bender_002

    pipe bender