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  1. 15 BUCKS an hour is pretty cheap IP especially in Ont your givin it away man if your half decent go get it if you charge to little which to me 15 bucks is people kinda of wonder why so cheap.
  2. That came out pretty nice..
  3. Lol this took a turn in a differant direction .....
  4. I like them i see anvil written all over them for a laugh i'd get a price on getting the one standing milled square on the tops and edges.
  5. The anvil i own we think was made localy in the coal mine foundry they made every thing there we think early 1900's we gave it the bearing test it was dropped about 16'' it bounced back a little over 15 other than a couple of chipps off the edges you would never think it was never used.Theres no markings on it.Old anvils are hard to find around here so thats why i asked .I was up to Ont last sept we went to auction house or flee market around Oshawa they had 3 old ones there the prices were crazy and they looked ruff she wanted full markup on everything she had.
  6. Works fine up here we tear from the top must be differant were your from lol....
  7. I made a paper towel holder and a candle holder and drank a little shine lol
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  12. For your center mast go thicker than 1/4'' it will twist and the flywheel off a diesal is heavy i made mine 14'' circle out of 1/2'' plate i used 1/4'' for my mast on the proto type it twists to much i had to anchor the top to my wall.Its 50# head works great but theres some things i got to work out for the next one.Put up pics of your ram slide mine is steel on steel thats where my biggest prob is were thinking of goin with some kind of roller system to keep it centered better on the next one.This one is the proto type next one will be bigger and painted if your curious i got a pic of it in the gallery.
  13. What would be considered the top of the line in old anvils.
  14. Nice work man.
  15. Nice havin the gear 67x nice work man,i know what your sayin about price be glad your not here in Canada the cost of the hardy tools were over a third more than the US.I got lucky on my anvil i got for 150.00 just had to dig it up and clean it off.