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  1. This was one of two I made. The other one turned out better but cracked when quenching. The handle looks like it has a crack but is just a cold shut from drawing it out with the teeth on the rasp. Next time I will defiantly grind out the teeth. looks pretty rough. Has anyone else made these and did you clean the rasp up more before forging?
  2. Jhcc, did you see the other toys in th garage. Look at my profile. I do have to have a good excuse.
  3. Aus, your scrolling work is always great. Do you just use tongs or do you use jigs and stuff?
  4. Glenn, i looked it up again and you posted it a long time ago. The instruction were actually by Don Abbott. So thank you Don and thank you for sharing it.
  5. Well here is my second attempt at a file knife. This time I followed the step by step Glenn posted. The instructions were great and definitely helped me produce a better knife especially the heat treat portion. Thanks Glenn. I had trouble having the colors run the way that was explained but my thickness isn't as uniformed as it should be. That also contributed to a slight bend in the blade. It holds an edge well and still sharpened easily. I made the handle from a cut end of a hammer handle. Used JB weld for the epoxy. Little mahogany stain and some oil on the handle.
  6. The big one is just a 3/4 piece of mild and the smaller one was an old 3' long bolt I found somewhere. The sparks coming off it were pretty complexed but I'm not totally sure what it was. Just forged them out and cold water quenched and they stayed plenty springy.
  7. Should have made one of these a year ago. Super handy and very easy to make. The one in the Hardie is a little big and doesn't leave much room for work. Maybe a good excuse to buy a bigger anvil?
  8. It is sharpened on both sides but one side the bevel is a lot steeper than the other. One side the bevel is about 1/2 inch and the other a 1/4.
  9. Very nice Das, I've been trying them too but none that turned out that nice.
  10. This is an old ax head I found on a metal detecting trip I made to an old local ghost town. I found it at the mouth of an old working. I know they used them for trimming timbers but I don't know what it's actually called. Looks like it was forge welded but I don't see a defined bit in it. I haven't taken a grinder to it yet. I am currently working on reproducing it in my own way. I will post more pics when I get aways into the project.
  11. Leaf hook. Surprise. I did actually make the walking chisel that I used for the veins first.
  12. Thanks BCROB, I tried the horse head on the handle but I need more practice. It's a good quick gift for horse people.
  13. Letter opener slash cheese spreader slash butter knife.
  14. Made a couple of hoof picks for my mom an sister. No I didn't make the horseshoe.
  15. I like how busy it is. Definitely pleasing to my eye