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  1. Shoveled mud and built berms. Robert Taylor
  2. Well, I want to s start out by saying that this in no way compares to the heartbreak experienced by many across this continent and the globe. Just an inconvenience in the larger scheme of things. My house was built on "stilts", after a fashion, in the middle of a creek ditch. When it rains long enough, and hard enough, two catchment levies overtop, and the water follows its course. Yesterday at 1:00 p.m., the gauge hit two inches, and the levies overtopped. Instead of running through the smithy, it found a critter hole, went to ground, under the neighbor's barn, to pop up again and bypass the smithy. Very Nice! Woo hoo! Don't get much better than that! Well came home from my shift this morning 3-3/4" in the gauge. 5" deep of water at the head, pushed down my berms, and ran mud through the entire "shop". Sure was nice while it lasted! Sure hope the shoes are pointed in the right direction? The west creek ditch is still running, so this will be tested tonight . Robert the duck Taylor
  3. Yep, I just paid Way too much for my Soderfors (no style stamp found) two weeks ago, and if I had it to do over, I would pay too much again. Robert Taylor
  4. C-1, you might need a cheater pipe for that.........
  5. Keep going man, you are rolling. Robert Taylor
  6. Big Gun, are you sure that's not a WOODEN anvil?
  7. Yep, a bit dark, but pictures help us see just how many >easy< ways there are to pad our jaws. Thanks for the pics! Robert Taylor
  8. I prefer rust and scale myself. Can't bring myself to even wire brush my new 116 year old 157 pounder. Oh the places it has been! Millhand, you are a animal! Good on ya. Robert Taylor
  9. A Soderfors Paragon.... $900. Hope you fellows don't get in trouble with Grandpa. One never knows how deep his attachment for the steel may be.... If it were mine I'd tell you $2,000 and you kids get off my lawn! Look at yourself, it's not even yours, and you are drooling, and your heart is pounding for it. Try insult with a lowball offer - good luck! Robert Taylor
  10. Really, Mr Huff, there are lots of people of every level of skill and experience here, and "we" value most those who display an EARNEST passion for this craft, and who are willing to put in the work that goes with it. Blacksmithing is hard work, it does not simply fall into one's lap. Most of us have regular jobs, and limited time, which we try to use wisely. So use the link below to find yourself 50# of bituminous or "blacksmithing" coal in your area, and let us know how it goes. Robert Taylor
  11. Actually, I am lying in a pile of fallen equipment as Mrs Taylor hurries down to do >another< welfare check. The axle brackets on the hand truck have collapsed. Had to clock in, so more to come. Robert Taylor
  12. BEE-tuh-pon
  13. "Beguiled" certainly deters my urge to pick mushrooms. In 1984, a certain medical institution found it expedient to prescibe poison to me for a head injury, and much cheaper than a full work-up. I like receiving this tech news because it informs me of what the world will potentially look like in the future. Like these scientists, I too get excited when I discover a precursor for something that will not be immediately usable by humanity. speaking of hype, I remember Lockheed Martin's excited invitation to the world's technologists to help them finish their fusion power project, which they claimed was nearly complete. I suspect that their call for "collaboration" was because they were stumped, and after several years, they still are. Then there is the "sticky tape x-ray", heralding a new era low-cost remote locale field diagnostics, which has not made headlines since 2008. Meanwhile, my cold-fusion device continues to chug along, producing copius power from margarine and cold cream. Robert Taylor