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  1. Andrew added a post in a topic: I Forge Iron 2015 Update   

    Rolled out another update today. Things should be smoother now. 
  2. Andrew added a post in a topic: I Forge Iron 2015 Donation Drive   

    Today we're asking you to donate to further the development of I Forge Iron.
    Thanks to your contributions, we serve over 2 Million page views a month with limited advertising. I Forge Iron was recently upgraded for a better user experience. Over the next few weeks, we're squashing bugs, reorganizing content for easier access, and doing a clean up of 14 years of community content to preserve it for the next 14. We infrequently hold these drives, and close them when our goal is met.
    If I Forge Iron has helped you in your craft, please consider donating here.

  3. Andrew added a post in a topic: I Forge Iron 2015 Update   

    We're updating; the site will be slow as it re-indexes everything for the new system.
    Please be patient.  We will let you know when we are finished.
  4. Andrew added a post in a topic: What weird animals have been in your shop   

    Mostly snakes. However a cricket kept me company with his chirps tonight.
  5. Andrew added a post in a topic: Short Blade, WIP   

    Great photos, good stuff.
  6. Andrew added a post in a topic: I have a right to know what you know   

    It's a rumor.
    I Forge Iron now pushes out over 2,500,000 pageviews a month, which requires more focus on the technical end.

    After last night, we'll be refocusing on the Blueprints soon.
  7. Andrew added a post in a topic: Reminder: Keep Your Profile Current   

    This upgrade is straight forward. We're switching login systems. The Blueprints being offline are a another story. I'll post an update on the Blueprints soon.

    The advantage is one login. Also, you do not need to like us on Facebook. I put the banner up to remind people we are on there as well. I'll take it down in a few days.

    Everyone is affected.
  8. Andrew added a post in a topic: Reminder: Keep Your Profile Current   

    I Forge Iron is expanding. As a result, we are changing the way we handle login authentication. We ask you check you account so we can fix any problems before the upgrade. Please make sure your login information is current. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    One reason for this, is I Forge Iron now has a store and we'll be introducing an SSL (encryption). The upgrade, which will be rolled out soon, will allow users to login via email or username. Across multiple sites even.

    Members stuck as, "Awaiting validation" will be deleted. These are people who signed up, often spammers, but never confirmed their email address.

    Make sure your email address is correct!  you may find your account is closed if not current
  9. Andrew added a blog entry in I Forge Iron Blog   

    Spring 2011 Server Optimizations
    Since, the donation drive, we've been able to deploy extra servers to help handle the load. I Forge Iron now uses multiple servers around the world, or a Content Delivery Network, to host static items like images. This network also means we're on 26 servers closer to you, where ever you are.

    Since April 12th, we've reduced the load time of I Forge Iron by 60%.

    Another problem is the amount of pages we serve out. During peak hours, I Forge Iron, has been maxing out it's resources or Load. In other words, too many people at once. Here's a server load graph, which is powered by the new server.

    We're now at around ~30% load, which is excellent. The memory is at 50% because we now cache (store) commonly used pages in the memory, reducing the read/write cycles to the hard drive. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) also has reduced a significant portion of our load.

    Now the site is zippier and more responsive, we'll be turning our focus towards content and expansion.
  10. Andrew added a post in a topic: Split Crosses   

  11. Andrew added a file in Books   

    Blacksmith Shop Practice v1910
    Blacksmith Shop Practice by James Cran (Second Edition)

    Arrangement and Equipment of a Model Blacksmith Shop Welding
    The Forging of Hooks and Chains
    Miscellaneous Blacksmith Shop Appliances and Methods
  12. Andrew added a file in Books   

    The Scientific Steelworker v1907
    The Scientific Steelworker By Ozro A. Westover

    For Steel Workers and Blacksmiths,The Art of Working Steel Thoroughly Explained. Also Steel Working Receipts and Mechanical Tables for Making Rings of All Sizes of Iron, Steel and Angle Iron.

  13. Andrew added a file in Books   

    Machine Blacksmithing v1910
    Machine Blacksmithing by James Cran
  14. Andrew added a file in Books   

    The Blacksmiths' Guide v1907
    The Blacksmiths̕ Guide By James Francis Sallows

  15. Andrew added a file in Books   

    Standard Blacksmithing v1907
    Standard blacksmithing, horseshoeing and wagon making
    By John Gustaf Holmström

    This one seems to be the sequel to "Modern Blacksmithing".

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