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  1. stress fractures tend to grow when vibrated like from hammering...
  2. Templehound: for the record I feel your grasp of the English language is better than many people I work with daily here in the USA, and the high quality of your blade work speaks for itself as to the level of skill you have. The only complaint I have is you still have failed to add your location. Marc1: I wont retract my approach to the stupidity of forging plated material. You seem so have missed the point of how dangerous it is to be forging plated materials. Another reason its good to have a few classes somewhere from a experienced smith. a SELF TAUGHT person can not teach them self what to avoid until AFTER its too late. Its good and necessary to be able to figure things out in a shop, but some things are just plain bad to figure out on your own, Poisoning is one of them. so harsh is needed because a few are still unaware of this even after many statements. This person has been a member long enough to have noticed some of the safety warnings. One habit I have have is yelling when I see a person doing something dangerous to get them to stop. I do like the looks of the second blade.
  3. No death from trying to forge knifes at the start, but perhaps you missed the point about his forging chrome plated wrenches, didnt your instructors mention death from heavy metal poisoning
  4. may have tempered MORE ????
  5. STOP read before you kill yourself and others. Many of us went to great lengths to write informative posts, and try to warn of dangers and having a noob ignore us and jump right in posting abusing toxic steel knife shaped objects and bragging how you ruin your lungs while totally ignoring the pinned posts here and in safety is annoying. If you had read the pinned posts as suggested you would have known what type of reply you would get by posting this, as well as why I am upset with your foolishness, either you didnt read or you are wasting all our time,
  6. Ted I believe I speak for many when I say that this world, and I forge iron, is a much better place having you in it
  7. test them, they should be fine unless they were straight razors; then you may want to re harden and temper at 325F Where do you get that idea? Please site sources.
  8. For serious smithing and construction reasons I wish we had tighter controls such as those posted by Marc1 here in the states. Here the only testing requirements are Johmony and Charpy testing, these involve stretching to failure and breakage testing, that is all, anything that passes qualifies to be used as average normal rebar. I would like to point out that here welding on rebar removes any certs it had before the weld operation. I am aware there are other grades used for critical bridge applications that do have other requirements. but its large coated and rare here.` Thanks for reply Gote, and to Marc1 for the link
  9. I didnt know it was so easy to see what country produced the rebar we are salvaging form the scrap pile. Feel free to explain to me all how wrong am. This Junk metal statement is based on the principal is that in repurposing materials the safe bet is to reuse it in a similar task. Rebar is made for structural uses, and needed to meat structural spec's. so its not needing any chemical standard, so it can be many things and still meat structural specs. Most of us here at IFI attempt to educate and assist people. We try to get people to understand that rebar scrap is not the best choice for critical uses, How is your statement contradicting the status of rebar aiding in that endeavour ? When you sell things made from rebar, do you tell your client where you sourced the metal for their project you are charging them for?
  10. you missed the point that rebar is crap metal. only good for reinforcing concrete
  11. too bad there isnt a heat treating pinned post that explains this stuff, Wait there is, never mind
  12. Good to hear about the valve job., but we do NOT want any details about tuning the exhaust ports... How long before you get back to normal? IIRC there isn’t much of a recovery time before your running at full HP again.
  13. I need to find the name and date, but in Bavaria there was a law passed that forbid a weapons maker from also being an armourer,. It was deemed a conflict of everyone’s best interest.
  14. this thread started off with a new member making a comment about making a blade, so Thomas referring to making a blade IS acceptable. Interesting how you first state you are not a blade maker but then tell us what it does or does no take to make blades..... but I think Swede said it best There is no Destination, other than Satisfaction.
  15. I know the exact moment: after about 5 years apprenticing to Bill. I was working on a project for him, and a mutual smith friend stopped by, and was teasing me, asked why I was using Bill's shop to do my work? Said that I should get my own shop, I said its his work I am just his apprentice, and he yelled at BIll told him to stop being so cheap and making me his slave labor, I was a journeyman and if I am doing his work for him, I need to get paid for it. The Terry turned and told me to put down the iron and help him drink his bottle of 18 yr old Glennlevit scotch while Bill finishes his project himself.