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  • Location in the south-west of France
  • Biography as you have to notice,I speak and I write English very badly
  • Interests the forginq mill ,the cuthery,the forming of steel and copper,the walk in mountain (les Pyr�n�es) ,
  • Occupation I work the aluminium,the carbon steel and the stainless in industry

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  1. 15th. Century German cutlery WIP

    High class
  2. Show me your bottle Openers

     Hello Froty , you are on a track .....I like that name " Beeriken " Jeremy K a message for you .     PL
  3. Show me your bottle Openers

    Hello !    For the fun and the to drink with...four pirates ? or slingshot for little rascal ?   PL
  4. Barber Chair footrest

    I love the style
  5. tools anvil

    well seen  S J S  details:( french anvil ) thank you Charles R Stevens   Pascal
  6. tools anvil

    Hello easy to build , this simple tool makes many services .  Pascal  
  7. Tree Bark texturing.

     beautiful appearance !     P L
  8. Beautiful art pièce .     P L
  9. Art Table

    Remarkable work pro Chuck !      Pascal
  10. garden gate

    I love the sparrow :wub:
  11. good idéa , the key  !!
  12. So you want to build a horse

    Superb !!
  13. Monkey

    Great art
  14. Bottle Opener

    good idéa