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  1. anvillain added a comment on a gallery image drawer pulls, door pulls   

    1/4" x 2" x 5" back plates, 3/8" square bar twisted and shaped for the pulls. The pull pivots were made by balling the end of a bar and flattening the ball the same thickness as the stem from the ball, the back plate was drilled and I plug welded the stem from the back. These will get sandblasted and antiqued with black and copper paint.
  2. anvillain added a comment on a gallery image Whale of a wind chime   

    Wind chime I made and already sold at a art exhibit. Very fun little project. Copper links some what hinder the sound, but I gave up audio effects for some visual ones....
  3. anvillain added a comment BP1028 Twists 02   

  4. anvillain added a comment BP1011 Dimple Technique   

    beautifully simple!!
  5. anvillain added a comment on a gallery image ThunderForged   

  6. anvillain added a post in a topic Advent Candle   

    That's terrible! Now all my stuff looks like garbage in comparison. :+)
  7. anvillain added a post in a topic Eleven Years Ago (13 now )   

    That's a lot of keystrokes!! I too was on here early.  I have one of the black T shirts from that time. I've been absent for quite awhile. But I'm looking forward to more time this winter.  I've been trying to cruise around the site a little lately. Its a huge resource. Thank you
  8. anvillain added a post in a topic The one tool that saved you so much time.   

    I agree with all the tools mentioned and especially the organized shop. which I haven't quite achieved that. My favorite power tools are
    dewalt 4 1/2" grinder and 14" chop saw.  One I haven't heard mentioned isn't really a tool, Its a sketch pad. I have some training in mechanical drawing and I love to design at the kitchen table with a coffee nearby.  You can prevent quite a bit of frustration with a step by step plan on paper can really keep you from straying. Especially helpful for me because I sometimes am delayed for quite long periods from idea stage to completed project.
  9. anvillain added a post in a topic First Sharpfinger Design and a dagger in progress   

    That is beautiful! How do you accomplish the blue tinted damascus?
  10. anvillain added a post in a topic Can't get heat in my charcoal forge   

    I would like to add that in addition to a gentle air flow with charcoal you need a deeper fire than with coal, much deeper in my opinion, and with the nice coal forge shown I would suggest standing a row of firebricks on edge to effectively make a deeper firepit. Then if you switch to coal you can remove the firebricks. A deep fire is good also with coal, in using coal you can push it in from the edges and wet it to keep it from spreading where you don't need it. With charcoal its much easier to form up something to contain the deeper fire to keep the heat concentrated.

  11. anvillain added a post in a topic tong making jig   

    This is a great new section (toolmaking). Very impressive thread here.This is a very efficient process and high end thinking and equipment involved. There is also the other extreme, which I use, only because I don't have the equipment. Maybe not the capacity for high end thinking either If you have a bucket of old tongs accumulated one way or another, it is quite efficent also to heat the jaws and joint area and resize and/or reshape to do new things with old tongs. Also it is very satisfying to me to hand hammer new ones into what I want but at a little different pace than the videos of course.

  12. anvillain added a post in a topic Where to buy legal Railroad Spikes   

    If you need hundreds or thousands, you could buy some 5/8" square hot rolled steel. It will forge better, and you can forge your own spike head and draw down the point. But then, most people promptly have to forge the head into something else or it will just look like a doggone RR spike. It won't be illegal to make your own spike.....or maybe it would. To me the best use for a RR spike is to hold down tracks.

  13. anvillain added a post in a topic Blacksmiths needed   

    I'm agreeing with Boggs and Sells. The world is full of this union or not union rhetoric, but I think many people have a misguided view of the role of unions. There was a time when unions may have abused their power, but that was self corrected. In the construction unions most of the workers have a very high regard for their contractors who pay good wages and no contractor has to put up with a non-productive worker. The last few decades was probably the best time ever to be a union tradesman. The mid-70s to early 80s was a time of realizing how good we had it, nearly all became highly productive. Also there has been a continuing drive to educate and obtain higher skills through that time period. Todays trades are very well trained. Yes non union workers may also have the skills needed. There is virtually NO non producers in the work force today. I know nothing about the village in question here but there is good chance there is no budget to pay union wages, or maybe no wages. I demonstrate at a county fair and a log cabin village for no pay, but only a few days a year. I am able to do that because I retired early and do it for fun, but it is still hard work and I would not do it every day like that . I always felt that I was well paid and actually loved going to work and making a good livable wage. No way do I look down on non union or lower paid workers I just wish every worker could have it as good as I did. Anvillain
  14. anvillain added a post in a topic Is a disc axle likely 1080 steel?   

    I'm not sure what the carbon content of a disc axle is but have used them to make good chisels and small hatchets. I like to hammer them on the diagonal to spread out the blade for a hatchet and also for wide chisels.
  15. anvillain added a post in a topic Jackson chandelier   

    I believe this tops any presentation I've seen for process,tooling and assembly. It must have been quite a chore just to get the photos together. Thanks!