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  1. It's usually the last full weekend in September.
  2. If you tack weld him to the welding table he's easy to find...
  3. So check with the Salt Fork folks,
  4. Look up the Robb Gunter method of anvil repair. If you don't have the skills/equipment to do the repair sometimes the Abana Affiliates in the United States will have an anvil repair day---but that is a MAJOR repair they may not want to spend all day on *1* anvil. Don't allow any welder to touch it if they don't know and use the Gunter method!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paying to have it repaired may cost more than buying an anvil in better shape---depending on where you live. I know a great guy down here; I had to force money for consumables on him last time he repaired an anvil for me but NOT KNOWING WHAT COUNTRY YOU ARE IN; I can't tell if I should get you in touch with him.
  5. needs more ssssss
  6. I've known several smiths who started out all knives and ended up all ornamental!
  7. Newton's Cradle!
  8. Congratulations! Looks like a lot of scale so perhaps an oxidizing fire or too long in the fire. Soaking overnight in plain old cheap vinegar will remove it though you need to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards and it will want to rust *fast*. What's next?
  9. Don't recall that as my criteria; but it is good criteria if you want to run it as a business. As a home "hobby" shop you have greater latitude.
  10. Just tell him you are on a diet...
  11. Some folks just get tired of the hype and remember *many* previous things that were "the greatest thing since sliced bread" and never came to fruition. Would it hurt to describe things without the hype? I myself have undergone a medical procedure that was hyped up and now is generally not done as the results didn't warrant the painful side effects. Makes me view the subsequent suggested procedure(s) a bit warily. Where's my flying car! Segway anyone? As for heavy metal mushrooms; the answer is simple---feed them to other people! (Having seen "The Beguiled" and "I Claudius"; I do not eat mushrooms!)
  12. Happened to a friend of mine too: late night quench and so left it un-tempered on his workbench and next morning 3 pieces!
  13. Rhyme it with evil; or Cruella de Vil; or vile or just call it yunque, amboss, etc...
  14. Depends on the temper of the face anvilfire has a list of anvil makes and ball bearing test results; but anything over 70% is good with higher better. Note that a rusty face can modify the results. (as well as one with paint or other coating on it---steel to steel is what you want.)
  15. OK Minimum of US$2, more than US$6 would be very surprising. Can't narrow it down much as we would need to see more of the anvil to judge condition but you really lucked out!----Big Time! Still need to check the temper on it with the ball bearing test as if it's been through a structure fire the face may be soft---and that would drop the price substantially!