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  1. So how big is the area the air is coming through? 1 photo would save a LOT of playing 20000 questions. I can't use a video, just a photo. So you have a bag of industrial coke probably one of the most difficult fuels to get started and you are having problems getting it started? Why don't you find someone local to show you how it's done! Yes as a beginner start with the wood fire and coal and after you learn how it works you can move up to coke. WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY YOU WERE USING COKE IN YOUR FIRST POST? "I can't get my car started", 20 posts later: "It's out of gas is that a problem?"
  2. You said you were using coal. You still haven't described the interface between the air pipe and the fuel? Cast iron drain grill? slotted steel disk? ???
  3. It's a possibility, have you tried it with the air on low and the ash dump open and making a good wood fire---what is your tuyere like? size and how many openings...
  4. Wipe the oil off the face and try the bounce test on it but all the hammer marks would make me VERY suspicious. An the "Fake" face plate is a warning sign too.
  5. So you were not metering the air? May be your problem. Does your forge have a ash gate that you could prop open? Or can you put in a Y and "spill air"?
  6. I was considered a bit weird for an engineering student... "I will go where I am wanted, where there's room for one or two, And the men are none too many for the work there is to do;"
  7. How are you metering air from the blowdrier? You need to be wasting most of it especially when trying to get a fire started.
  8. "But oh good lord the verse you make, it gives a chap the belly ache!" A Shropshire Lad was one of the books I took to college back in 1975 and I read it many times.
  9. Looks like a cast iron ASO, note the many hammer dings in the face and odd sized pritchel. Have to be a pretty mucky postvise to be down to that level!
  10. Partially quoted in "Strong Poison" by Dorthy L. Sayers To Misquote A.E.H: "Out of my 3 score years and ten, 50 will not come again...)
  11. Shoot to many radionuclides in my water up north and too much arsenic in my water down here---someday I'll have a perfectly preserved glow in the dark body...of course building up a tolerance to arsenic doesn't help much as there are so few "classic poisonings" around these days...
  12. Picture of your set up? When I use coal, I use a good smithing grade of bituminous coal---what are you using? If it's anthracite it's notoriously hard to start and use. How are you pushing air into it? I build a scrap wood fire and get a good bed of coals in place and then with slow air start adding coal around the edges gradually working it over the middle and then once I see the green smoke pile on more air and more coal. If you are using anthracite I'd buy a bag of chunk charcoal---not briquettes and build a good sized charcoal fire and then start adding the anthracite in small pieces to that keeping CONSTANT air on it. Industrial coke and anthracite are not good fuels for a hand cranked blower of bellows!
  13. Cast, date stamped and weight in KG---I thought it was one of Swedish ones; but I'll be away from my copy of AiA this weekend visiting my shop....
  14. IIRC last time I read a MSDS for borax the LD 50 for rats would scale up to me eating a pound of it to have a 50:50 chance of dying from it; so safer than table salt.... no skin irritation, one reason it's used to wash baby clothes, low toxicity inhaled or in the eyes... Remember there are MSDS for *everything*. Read the one for water some time... READ THE NUMBERS as well as the WARNINGS.
  15. ok as mentioned; there is a certification program for bladesmithing done by the ABS and the sooner you start the sooner you *may* qualify. Go to their website and read up on what's required including "time in grade" requirements.