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  1. It's the interior volume, (clear space inside the forge, so inside the refractories.) 5 gallon pail is pretty large; do you need that much space? I;ve done a couple of propane forges using the Helium party balloon canisters that get discarded all over.
  2. my local scrapyard also does cars and sometimes I have been very very happy with the change they give me that they have fished out of old cars!
  3. Minimum height depends a lot on what you are doing---bladesmithing only takes a few inches above your raised hammer; building a gate might profit from a 12-15' ceiling if you needed to swing long bars around.
  4. I am very sorry to hear they don't have cars and utes where you live as their axles are a known alloy that is good for hammers. Perhaps a friend could send you a piece from someplace where they do have cars and utes... "The industry standard was 1045H for axles below 1 3/8" stock and 1541H for axles above that size"
  5. Hrumphhhhh; I'm unforgettable!
  6. There is nothing like a Dame per "South Pacific"...
  7. which type of coke is it? Petroleum coke or industrial coke produced from bituminous coal? Are you using an electrical powered blower or a hand powered one? What type of forge are you using and what sort of forging are you doing?
  8. you'd fit right in down here. I had a colleague come out to the factory once that hadn't realized that long pants were mandatory per the factory dress code. Luckily I caught up to him on the US Side and so when he said he hadn't brought any, we got to trek over to wallyworld. Unluckily he's a beanpole and the locals tend more toward short and broad and he couldn't find a pair of jeans that fit him and had to wear high water ones to the amusement of all but 1 person...
  9. It's the bust that got me working with the swordmaker; I had the cash stored up and no job prospects, so lived cheap and had a great year! At the end of which I got married and had a family to support and so got a "real job" in a different field until I got to the one that sent me to get a CIS degree---while working full time with a 100 year old house AND a young family...I'm still in CIS but 3 jobs on: 14 years, 9 years and currently 3 years
  10. Casting spears can be quite light, cf "Irish Nails" that look like large arrows, to quite heavy, cf "boar spears" t that are specially thick and strong to resit the weight and power of a charging wild boar. This is combined with the fact that people would make them to fit the user's grip so there is quite a range of sizes---just at there is a wide range of sizes for pants...
  11. I put my propane forge on the carcass of a gas grill dumping the grill and bolting a sheet of steel across the gap where the grill was.. It holds the tank and has wheels. Over time I've beefed it up a bit too. Whether or not your door/window system is sufficient is something the CO meter will tell. Me I have a 20'x30' shop with 10' walls and open gables (rain and snow are not common out here in the desert) and use 2 10'x10' roll up doors as I hope to see my great grandkids someday and am in no hurry!
  12. If you look up the possible horsepower of a human you will find that it doesn't match even a fairly small motor over time. You would do much better with a treadle hammer of getting some friends to strike for you.
  13. U bolts were used on some mounting plates for columbian vises and were fitted to the shaft so there was little play. I believe that is a replacement version just like the spring is a replacement and the screw and screwbox is a replacement. Shim it tight or make your own mounting plate.
  14. what does the bottom look like?
  15. Yes definitely! What is the waist size of a pair of pants?