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  1. brass casting

    In what way?  Usability of the finished product, toxicity of casting it, ease of casting????  You may want to decide if leaded brass will make a suitable brass hammer.  Any idea how high the lead content is? Did you read 
  2. brass casting

  3. Grandpa's post vise

    In the decades after the US civil war there was a massive burgeoning of patents as many people tried to come up with things to use the excess industrial capacity freed up by the end of the war.  If you look at ads in the various journals folks were hawking their "New and Improved" left handed turnip twaddler and 16 tool metal shop on a steeek.  Most did not make the trial by time.  Though some good ideas ended up getting wiped out by various financial crises rather than by relative merit.
  4. Forge coke coal? What to line with

    When I lived in Ohio I dug my clay from a local creek in Columbus.  I'd mix it with wood ashes to get a tougher mix and then keep the forge DRY; not hard as the sewell seam coal I bought at Quad-State didn't need water to coke it!
  5. Forgemaster Blacksmith Model temp problem

    So what did the manufacturer tell you when you consulted them?
  6. brass casting

    are they leaded brass?   Sword guards come to mind and perhaps posting in the casting forum rather than general blacksmithing forum; but yes you can melt and pour them.
  7. Identify This Shop

    Well I had great hopes for that sign in the door window till I figured out it said "Iron Work"
  8. Help with anvil identification

    London Ohio USA or London Ontario Canada?   Looks like a UK anvil,  May be Best Wrought Iron.
  9. And they are not nearly as tasty as the passenger pigeons were!
  10. Something Different For Me

    If bowie just doesn't work for you; just call it an arkansas tanto!  (a sceax by any other name...)
  11. How to deal with a curmudgeon

    I wouldn't call him a curmudgeon but a totoprocta if my geology latin is still working.  Reflected flash is still dangerous and a curmudgeon would know that.
  12. Anvil Repair

    Generally I advise folks to forge a bic if they need a small one and leave the anvil horn for larger tasks and NEVER to grind the tip of the horn pointy!
  13. First you get some damp clay and use your hands to mold it into tablets.... I was recently remarking on another forum about the days when the internet was all ascii based---remember rec.crafts.metalworking and the RFP for a blacksmithing group?
  14. Help identifying family anvil

    Check the underside of the heel A&H anvils tended to leave in the steam hammer blow markings and so an anvil with no readable stampings can be identified as one of theirs.  No effect on usability, just an odd little factoid.  A&H are considered a top grade anvil too.
  15. Unicorn

    "Body of a goat. Tail of a lion"