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  1. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic I LOVE Termites!   

    lol. anvils do attract anvils, especially if folks within a 300 mile radius KNOW you are seeking them

  2. stuarthesmith added a topic in Anvils   

    I LOVE Termites!


    I get a phone call from some guy who just bought a house.  400 yards away is a blacksmith shop riddled with termites, that his wife wants demolished.  Long story short, he gave me this 455 pound columbian!  He also gave me two champion blowers, five huge brand new graphite crucibles, a leg vise, and a colonial stake anvil!
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  3. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    that anvil is obviously a hay budden.....the "rolls royce" of american anvils.....even poorly stamped ones have the tell-tale "oo" from the word "brooklyn" on the side.  It is also obviously a more modern one, welded in the throat.
  4. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Type & year of Anvil found in garage.   

    4-5 c notes is a fair price
  5. stuarthesmith added a topic in Anvils   

    weight loss
    I have been so busy in my shop forging tools, I lost 70 lbs.  Makes my 700 lb. Hay Budden look bigger 
    here is the before picture, look how thin my face got in the above post 
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  6. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic The One that got Away   

    two awful tales
    I was driving down a dirt road near my shop in 1978, and passed an open barn door.  Lo and  behold, there was a 500 lb fisher, pristine, sitting in this farmer's barn.  I hit the brakes on my pickup truck so hard, I made a dust cloud 200 yards long.  Backing up, I asked the inevitable question, to which the farmer replied "300 bucks cash".   What did I need with another monster anvil?  I already owned a 700 lber and a 450 lber.  So, being mister nice guy, I called another blacksmith friend of mine who ended up with that anvil in the bed of his pickup truck.  Fast forward, the goof has never ever used the thing, but he is currently selling it for 3500 bucks.......cad that he is!
    Story number two:  when I bought my 700 lb Hay Budden, the guy had another one, 485 pounds on the hoof.  I was so excited to buy the bigger one, that I neglected to make an offer on the smaller one.  Big mistake!  Long story short, a guy with a house boat with a blacksmith shop on it bought it.  Big storm came, and the boat sank, with the 485 pound Hay BUdden ending up in Davey Jones' Locker at the bottom of a river
  7. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic show me your destroyed anvil!   

    some of my favorites 

    some more

  8. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    a lady gave me this 455 pound columbian for free because the old blacksmith shop on her property had termites.
  9. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic The Widener Gates   

    near broad and olney
  10. stuarthesmith added a topic in Blacksmithing, General Discussion   

    The Widener Gates
    These are the gates, in Philadelphia, for the Widener Memorial School for the Handicapped, in Philadelphia, PA, commissioned by Widener's widow, who's husband perished on Titanic, right after the disaster.  Samuel Yellin's company did these magnificent gates, which I accidentally discovered during a dental appointment, lol
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  11. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic What edge radius on flat dies do you prefer?   

    quarter inch radii on all my flat dies
  12. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    No, Thomas, when this site's census reaches 100 k, a used 200 lber will average 1200 bucks, and folks will SMILINGLY pay it!
  13. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic How to safely ask curmudgeons for advice?   

    as a curmudgeon myself, I can help people seeking advice.  In order of importance, here is how you approach me.  
    1.  Bring beer: beer is a "lubricant" to any discourse I might deign to give.  
    2.  God gave you two eyes, and two ears, and two nostrils for a reason, and ONLY one mouth.  You should listen, look, and smell twice as much as you speak.  The nostril part is for the waft of BS that might come from my direction, from time to time.
    3.  I wear a signet ring for a reason, like any potentate.  I suggest that folks seeking advice kiss my ring, for I am king!  
    4.  Wear safety equipment when approaching me.  A silly question could occasion flying hammers and such, me being a curmudgeon and all.  
    Carry on!
  14. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    what Jeremy K 1977, I paid 650 dollars for a 700 lb. Hay Budden, which today would be equivalent to spending 3 thousand dollars for the anvil.  I forged over a million dollars worth of product over the years on that anvil, which puts this in profound perspective....
  15. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    I blame the people running this website for the price inflation of anvils.  30 thousand members certainly indicates an enormous demand of this craft and the tools that occasion the practice of this craft.  I admin a facebook group for blacksmithing which is only 8 months old and has a membership of close to 14 thousand people.  Every last one of them needs an anvil.  Anvils are a better investment than gold.  And for the naysayers who think this is a momentary spike, when membership of this site exceeds 100 thousand people, what do you think anvils will cost?