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  1. My 701 pound Hay Budden...& a few others.....

    oh, and by the way, here is the biggest hay budden ever, 803 pounds on the hoof, with Richard Postman posing with it
  2. My 701 pound Hay Budden...& a few others.....

    The first four pictures are of Anvil Custom's 701 pound Hay Budden, and the last four pictures are of my 700 pound hay budden, not capitalized like Ryaon's anvil  because that one pound difference has me in deference.  The original pictures got lost in the transition between the old IFI website and the new one is there any way to retrieve the missing pictures?  
  3. Making Old Tools New

    This demo is for the folks who find struck tools at flea markets in bad shape. Flatters, handled punches, set hammers, top swages, etc., that have the struck ends mushroomed and splayed. DO NOT GRIND THE SPLAYED ENDS OFF, for they shorten the tool and therefore cut back on the longevity of your struck tool, making it shorter and shorter. Instead, heat up the mushroomed part, apply a flux, then SLOWLY heat up that part to an incandescent welding heat and hammer the splays back together again, forge welding it. Seeing is believing, and feeling is the real thang...
  4. two strange things

    It is a wagon axle.  I have a pile of them laying around, bought at farm auctions
  5. Caulking Irons

    I manufacture caulking irons for the plumbing industry
  6. Is this a good price for a Champion 400?

    best blower ever made.....fair price
  7. Auction finds

    the better blower is a canedy otto
  8. Passing on to Future Generations

    give everything to Steve at Matchless Antiques......he is an expert at matching tools to deserving souls....
  9. 394 lbs Peter Wright Anvil Found in Thailand

    stunning, use it in good health c'mere,  you Khmer cutie  
  10. At Last.....................

    the original photos disappeared, so for the good of the forum, reposting one 
  11. Columbian

    Here is a recently acquired anvil, a 455 pound columbian.  36 inches long six inches  wide.  Deafening ring. 85 percent ball bearing rebound. Now for the good part, how I got it!  I have a business website.  Some lady calls me, telling me she just bought a mansion on four acres.  In the woods, 400 yards down a steep hill, she has an old blacksmith shop.  She to demolish it because of termites.  I ask her how big the anvil is, and she says "about 175 pounds, and you can have all the contents for free".  Wife and I jump in the Tahoe, with me all excited.  I got more excited when I saw the shop.  455 pound columbian, two champion 400 blowers, and three brand new humongous graphite crucibles!  Now for the bad part.  Her property was muddy, and we couldn't drive down to the shop because of the cesspool field.  So muddy the ha nd truck wheels sank into the mud.  Crestfallen, my wife offers to roll the anvil up the hill with me, sommersaulting the anvil head over heel for 400 yards, right through the mud and the cesspool feces.  After 4 hours, we get the anvil to the back of my car.  How the heck do I get it onto the tailgate!  My wife spies a 40 foot aluminum ladder.  Nice ramp she says!
  12. Hay Budden

    My main shop anvils are generally Hay Buddens. 1. 700 pound hay budden, custom made for chainmakers, 85 percent bounce with ball bearing, rings like a bell, 47 1/2 inches long, 7 inches wide 2. 350 pound hay budden, 33 inches long, 5 inches wide, 85 percent bounce with bearing, rings like a church bell 3. 325 pound hay budden, 32 inches long, 5 inches wide, 90 percent ball bearing bounce, rings like a bell, drilled feet and bolts hold it to stand
  13. Absolute Newbee from Virginia

    nice looking old fisher  
  14. Peter Wright

    At the place where I served my apprenticeship we had a 512 pound perfect peter wright with a very sharp horn.  We made thousands of chain links and basketball hoops on that anvil...... I posted this info on Facebook yesterday, and a friend of mine may have a line on that anvil, which I have not seen in 37 years  
  15. sharpening jackhammer bits

    thank you for the lead, Steve, I absolutely dress jackhammer bits!