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  1. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic What edge radius on flat dies do you prefer?   

    quarter inch radii on all my flat dies
  2. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    No, Thomas, when this site's census reaches 100 k, a used 200 lber will average 1200 bucks, and folks will SMILINGLY pay it!
  3. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic How to safely ask curmudgeons for advice?   

    as a curmudgeon myself, I can help people seeking advice.  In order of importance, here is how you approach me.  
    1.  Bring beer: beer is a "lubricant" to any discourse I might deign to give.  
    2.  God gave you two eyes, and two ears, and two nostrils for a reason, and ONLY one mouth.  You should listen, look, and smell twice as much as you speak.  The nostril part is for the waft of BS that might come from my direction, from time to time.
    3.  I wear a signet ring for a reason, like any potentate.  I suggest that folks seeking advice kiss my ring, for I am king!  
    4.  Wear safety equipment when approaching me.  A silly question could occasion flying hammers and such, me being a curmudgeon and all.  
    Carry on!
  4. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    what Jeremy K 1977, I paid 650 dollars for a 700 lb. Hay Budden, which today would be equivalent to spending 3 thousand dollars for the anvil.  I forged over a million dollars worth of product over the years on that anvil, which puts this in profound perspective....
  5. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic anvil price bubble?   

    I blame the people running this website for the price inflation of anvils.  30 thousand members certainly indicates an enormous demand of this craft and the tools that occasion the practice of this craft.  I admin a facebook group for blacksmithing which is only 8 months old and has a membership of close to 14 thousand people.  Every last one of them needs an anvil.  Anvils are a better investment than gold.  And for the naysayers who think this is a momentary spike, when membership of this site exceeds 100 thousand people, what do you think anvils will cost?
  6. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Newbe needs help with anvil for sale   

    Buyer's regret is a disease I have NEVER been afflicted with, regarding blacksmith tools.  Buy it and never look back.  The only regrets I have, after forty years, are anvils I DID NOT buy, lol.  Even the "clunkers" have a place in my heart, albeit like breaking up with a girlfriend, the parting was amicable
  7. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Missed it by that much   

    here is the link to the thread I just heralded
    This is a piece of business advice that really works for me. Anytime I see a deal on craigslist, or a buy it now deal on ebay that I just have to get, I move like LIGHTNING. The reason a mongoose always defeats a cobra is that the mongoose is FAST. The other reason the mongoose wins is that the mongoose has sharp teeth (in other words, I always bring cash to the deal, and not promises or checks). I also never delegate a deal to someone else. No emissaries can be as enthusiastic as I can be, so when I go to buy something that I want or need, I do my own dirty work. Second place just doesn't cut it when you are trying to purchase a bargain, especially on the internet. Buying a deal is a FOOTRACE, and there are no silver or bronze medals on craigslist, only a winner who walks away with the deal. Procrastination, when trying to buy an anvil or forge, will insure that an earlier bird gets the worm or bargain
  8. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Missed it by that much   

    Some guy on Facebook nicknamed me the Anvil Whisperer.  I have five empty stumps at all times in my shop, in anticipation of anvils crowning them.  Go to the top of the main page of this website, and type in the word "mongoose" on this site's browser.  I wrote an article here on failsafe methodology for finding and OWNING anvils.  You gotta move fast and with vigor!
    During Hurricane Sandy, an anvil appeared on Craigslist in Pennsylvania for fifty bucks.  It was a beautiful 300 pound Fisher Eagle painted red, and was being used as a lawn ornament.  Braving 70 mph winds, torrents of rain, downed sparking electrical wires in his driveway, and the National Guard, I rolled up his driveway with cash in hand.  Previously, over the phone, he said "are you crazy, coming here in this storm to get an anvil"?  My response was "yes, I am crazy, for anvils"!!!  The next day, after I bought he anvil, I remembered that the guy told me he got 50 calls on the anvil.  I had told him "I am the 51st, and I shall be up your driveway in less than an hour"!  
    To make a long story short, I put the anvil up on the tailgate of this website, and the NEXT DAY, sold it for 12 times what I paid for it.  Some member of this site complained that the seller had promised the anvil to him.  My response: there is no silver or bronze medals in anvil chasing.  Only one medal, the GOLD MEDAL, for the person who scores the deal.  In other words, MOVE LIKE THE MONGOOSE!
  9. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    I am going to hammer it back to shape, on my new anvil, lol.....iron-y
  10. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    the concrete block is for size perspective in the photo, lol!
  11. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    ​good news, bad news scenario....when taking it OFF the tailgate of my Tahoe into my shop, I accidentally dropped it onto the steel cart pictured.  Oops, it fell, and smashed my cart.  The good news is up atop the stump, lol, I did manage to do THAT safely.  Thank the Lord that my cart got smashed, and not my toes.....

  12. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Old N Rusty, Danny Arnold passes   

    Dan was a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor.  He will be missed sorely by me!
  13. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic New anvil - Columbian?   

    I just picked up what I thought was a Hay Budden, but Lincoln Wolfe, the expert on these things, says I got a 500 lb. Columbian with an ear deafening ring.  The best part was that it was free, because the lady's shed had TERMITES 

  14. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    My wife spied a 40 foot aluminum ladder alongside his house, she suggested that we use it as a ramp.....slid it up onto the tahoe tailgate....
  15. stuarthesmith added a post in a topic Show me your anvil   

    I got a phone call on Tuesday.  Some guy tells me he saw my website.  He and his wife bought a house, and down the hill 400 yards on his property is an old blacksmith shop with TERMITES, so his wife told him to demolish the building.  He was wondering if I wanted all the tools in the blacksmith shop for free, to which I said "sure"!  I get there, and my mouth dropped.  Sitting on a stump is a 500 lb, 44 inch long modern two-piece Hay Budden, a colonial stake anvil, a perfect canedy otto blower, and a champion blower.  After rolling this anvil up the hill through mud and fecal matter from his septic field, I got this baby in my Tahoe, three hours later.  It was WORTH THE WORK!