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  1. First Anvil

    you stole it!  
  2. New Guy PA am the Founder/President of the Philadelphia Blacksmiths Guild.  We had 17 members attend our meeting last sunday.  You might wanna private message me  
  3. Bought an Anvil, please help.

    return it......not worth repairing
  4. Show me your anvil

    google Stuart Geisler Vimeo then and check out the documentary on me  is this better?
  5. Show me your anvil

    carpooling to my shop11829824_918819861524874_550458033_n.mp4
  6. Show me your anvil

    The Philadelphia Blacksmiths Guild, with 17 attendees, went to the flea market on a field trip today.  Ham Peek scored a 250 lb.  Peter Wright gem!  Maxim scored a 50 lb Fisher, and Dan scored a beautiful track anvil, as well as a ton of other stuff.  A good time was had by all ! and we left five anvils there for our next field trip!
  7. Meeting Notice

    I am posting this here because I haven't posted meeting notices in awhile, so my thread went fallow.  The Philadelphia Blacksmiths Guild is meeting this Sunday at 7 AM at Pennsbury Manor on the Delaware River.  From there we are carpooling, taking a field trip to Renninger's Flea Market in Adamstown to find inexpensive blacksmith tools.  Folks are cordially invited!  I know the admins here will prolly move this
  8. Bought an Anvil...Too Heavy?

    I am a 62 year old old codger.  Until last year my portable demo anvil was a glistening 240 lb. Hay Budden I used to lug around in my Tahoe to do reenactments.  Sold the 240 lber, and devolved down to my current demo anvil which I lug around, a 157 pound german trenton.  If this old man can lug that kind of weight, why can't you!  And by the way, my wife and I recently lifted a 455 pound columbian onto my tailgate
  9. Rescued leg vise

    looks like a beast!  congrats!  
  10. The 960# Centennial International Exhibition anvil

    the Hay Budden on my profile pic is 700 lbs 
  11. What's the biggest vise you've seen?

    here is my 8 inch peter wright weighing in at 240 lbs on the hoof.  The purple and green vise is a five incher weighing 65 pounds for comparison  
  12. I LOVE Termites!

    lol. anvils do attract anvils, especially if folks within a 300 mile radius KNOW you are seeking them  
  13. I LOVE Termites!

          I get a phone call from some guy who just bought a house.  400 yards away is a blacksmith shop riddled with termites, that his wife wants demolished.  Long story short, he gave me this 455 pound columbian!  He also gave me two champion blowers, five huge brand new graphite crucibles, a leg vise, and a colonial stake anvil!
  14. Show me your anvil

    that anvil is obviously a hay budden.....the "rolls royce" of american anvils.....even poorly stamped ones have the tell-tale "oo" from the word "brooklyn" on the side.  It is also obviously a more modern one, welded in the throat.
  15. Type & year of Anvil found in garage.

    4-5 c notes is a fair price