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TS0005 Chip is late for work

The Smithy

by Ghost Writers in Disguise
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TS0005 Chip is late for work

Here it is Wednesday morning, and I ain't happy. Haven't seen hide nor hair of Chip, my striker and apprentice, since Friday evening. We are not that far behind schedule, but Makin Moore, the Production Manager, is taking it personally.

You need to realize that Chip is a good kid. He lives with his parents in order to help out on the farm, and . . . . . Well, I'll be, look at what the cat just dragged through the door. It's Chip in the flesh.

Chip hustled over to the anvil and had just picked up his striking hammer when Makin turned the corner.

Makin: "Well, young man, why haven't you been to work for the last two days? You better have a good excuse or your fired.

Chip: I'm sorry Makin, it's all my Paw's fault cause he started sleeping in the nude.

Makin: "You must think I am as dumb as a sack of hammers if you think I am going to buy a story like that.

Chip: It's true Makin, if my Paw hadn't started sleeping in the nude, I would have been here Monday morning sure."

Everybody in the shop started gathering like clouds before the storm, to hear the story. Makin was fixing to fire him, sure as the sun shines, but being a man that is fair, he would wait till Chip had a chance to tell his story.

Chip: "You know it has been terrible hot for a week or more, so Paw started sleeping in the nude. Sunday night after he went to bed, there was a ruckus in the hen house. Paw thought there might be a weasel or a 'coon getting the chickens. He jumped up, grabbed his double barrel shotgun, and went out to see what was going on. Just as Paw bent over and poked the barrel of the shotgun into the hen house, "Old Blue" our coon hound came up behind him and cold nosed him on the backside. Well, me and my brother spent the last two days cleaning chickens."

Makin put his hand on Chip's shoulder and said "Chip Pinhammer, I have cleaned a chichen or two. I know that by the end of that first day of cleaning chickens, and that many more were still left to be cleaned, you really wanted to come back to work. I appreciate your stickin' with it and getting the job done."

"But this is a blacksmith shop and we got work to do here also. Our work ain't going to get done less you get started."


I have never heard this one before. It is truly funny.

I have to say this is a great story lol.

Love it, couldn't read it outloud from laughing so hard.