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Posted by John Larson, 10 April 2012 · 72 views

Started the day by fetching the F150. It started right up, so it was easy. So I kept it running when I fetched coffee at the fast food and then at the 3rd world when I read the paper. Turned it off until the mechanic showed up. He tested the battery which was okay. He took off the starter and took it someplace to have it tested, and it was okay, He found that the big wire from the battery to the starter solenoid had deep corrosion erosion. Once he replaced that the truck ran dandy. I appreciated that he tested the starter and didn't mind his bill when he was done.

I moved the finished Octagon 50 out of the way. Then started on the next 50. Worked first on the base plate. It had been machined some months ago, painted, and stored outside. So today I made the angle brackets and floor plate for the tower frame and then drilled and tapped the holes for attaching them to the base plate. Gave them a fresh coat of paint and left them to dry while I started cutting the channels used for the tower frame and the cabinet frame. Once again the HEM-saw made beautiful cuts. Got the cabinet channels sand blasted and the inside surfaces painted. The cabinet pieces will be blasted and painted tomorrow.

The whole day felt good with excellent progress.

The forest is about 50% leafed out now and most of the flowering fruit trees are in the process of blooming--cherries are done, plums are underway, and apples haven't started.

Danger Dillon, the steam hammer oriented artist said the other day here on IFI that "it's spring and hammer planting time." He's pretty cool.