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Posted by John Larson, 09 April 2012 · 58 views

I took a bunch of metal to recycling after my morning walk, then settled into installing a treadle tube and pivots on the new Octagon 50. Got that done by lunch time, so with paint drying I ran to the auto parts store to get a battery for the fork lift. Once that was installed I put the hammer back on the floor and made the tie rod and return spring set up to link the treadle tube to the exterior throttle lever. I shot a bit more paint. Then installed the decals and declared the hammer completed. Hurray! I stopped for a beer on the way home and the truck wouldn't start afterward. Hmmn. Acted similar to a failure last summer problem when I replaced the battery. I locked it up, a friend gave me a ride home, and I'll have my mechanic look at it tomorrow, hopefully. At least I can have the landlord fetch it with his roll-back. Always something. I'm becoming skeptical of Exide batteries.