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Posted by John Larson, 07 April 2012 · 67 views

I made a shelf on the back of the fork lift to hold a billet of steel to increase the counter-weighting. The shelf is held by a thick hitch pin. The billet will also be held by chains to the roll cage uprights. I only need this for safety when loading the custom 200 on the truck. The custom 200 still sits crated in the shop awaiting the owner's completion of trucking company details.

The 150 shipped some time ago.

The 50 I've been reporting daily is very close to completion. I made the treadle hoop, plus another for the next 50, using tubing acquired yesterday. The 50 was placed atop the lay out table to enable easier fitting of the toe plate and pivot assemblies when I next go to the shop.

I then went to Jerusalem Mill to chat with buddy Jeff Magness and to clean up much detritus that others have not cleaned up after promising to do so over a year ago. Jeff and I decided to not wait for others to build stock storage racks with historic motif, came up with an idea, and we'll implement soon.

Jeff came over when he was done and we examined how I plan to add a concrete floor in my antique truck garage. Critters have been treating its dirt floor as their Miami Beach for about 10 years. Jeff is setting traps. Now that spring is here I have the strong desire to make that building much nicer.